what would you ask the president during the debates?

i put together 20 questions from the message board over at the daily kos would ideally have directed toward mr. bush. what would you add?

1. Will you support a constitutional amendment to ban abortion?

2. Yes or no: Was there any connection between Saddam Hussein and Al Queda? A one word answer, please.

3. Mr. President, do you think Bill Gates deserved a tax cut?

4. Mr. President, now that you’ve had a few months to think about it, what is the biggest single mistake you’ve made in the last four years?

5. Given all of the intelligence failures that you have acknowledged over the past four years, why have you not fired or replaced a single member of your staff? Do you continue to feel that you are well served by everyone who works for you, regardless of their incompetence?

6. How has your presidency compared to Clinton’s?

7. NBC news has reported that before the Iraq war you passed on three opportunities to attack the terrorist camps of Al Qaeda terrorist Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, who was based in the areas of Iraq that were not controlled by Saddam. Why did you not attack these camps when you had the chance, considering that he is now responsible for hundreds of terrorist attacks against our forces in Iraq?

8. “Mr. President, in July of 2003 you said if anyone wanted to attack our troops in Iraq, they should bring it on. In March of this year you appeared at a reporters’ dinner and ran a video in which you jokingly stumbled around your office looking for weapons of mass destruction. Can you explain this behavior to the families who have lost loved ones in Iraq?”

9. Mr. Bush, what is 6 times 9?

10. Why is your campaign saying Rather should resign for trusting a bad source, but you shouldn’t resign for trusting Ahmed Chalabi’s lies?

11. During the 2000 debates, you stated that you believed our troops should not be used for “nation building.” Could you explain what our troops are now doing in Iraq and how that differs from nation building?

12. How many times have you been arrested, Mr. President?

13. Given the fact that we are fighting 2 wars, the war in Iraq and the war on Terrorism, why have you been: a) on more vacation than any other president has in a 4 year term b) given only a handful of full press conferences to the American people?

14. Mr. President, you talk a lot about supporting the troops, but then you send Troops into battle without a plan, and then when they make the ultimate sacrifice you do not even have the courtesy to attend their memorial service, can you right now even name the name of one soldier that has been killed in Iraq?

15. In 1988 you said that Vietnam might have been won if National Guardsmen like yourself had been called up. What did you mean by that statement? You supported the war, so why didn’t you volunteer to go and fight in it?

16. What do you consider the best moment of your presidency during the last four years?

17. You recently received a formal intelligence assessment provided by your own agencies, indicating that our mission in Iraq was in great danger of failing. You described this as the CIA ‘just guessing’. and indicated that you did not believe what it said. What intelligence sources do you trust when it comes to giving you an accurate assessment of the situation in Iraq?

18. With over 6000 Soldiers mutilated from the Iraqi war why are you cutting funding to the VA?

19. Why, when General Shinseki recommended sending 200,000 troops to Iraq to win the peace, did you ignore him and send only 100,000?

20. Mr. Bush, would you like another seven minutes to gather your thoughts?

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