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brought about some interesting debate in the comments section

Abner sez:

Never, never, use any word that could represent a negative connotation during a job interview. Never give an honest opinion about how you really feel about politics, sex, drugs or rock and roll. As an applicant your job is to strictly sell your services in a competent and business like manner. Sometimes applicants are deliberately provoked to see how they handle themselves. Who’s gonna pay you? Your job is to get paid.

As a former HR recruiter I have many many many opinions about resumes, interviews, and follow-ups.

Even though we will find ourselves working for more companies and more places than our parents did, we should still look at future empoyers the same way we look at any future relationships.

I couldnt disagree more with Abner. The job interview is a way for Both parties to get to know each other. The concept where the interviewee would be concealing things I think is dishonest and foolish, and vice versa.

If a hiring manager or a prospective boss really doesn’t want anyone on their staff who disagrees with them on political issues or work-habits or musical tastes, it’s in the best interest of the prospective employee to know these things.

You have not “scored a killer job” if you get the gig but find out that you’re working for someone you’re not going to get along with. What you have scored is a new nightmare.

Similarily if you keep your like/dislikes/personality close to the vest during the interview process then you are not giving your new boss any reason to trust you in the future.

I have no problem being 100% honest with people I work with. I want the same out of them and I realize that they probably won’t give it back, but who the heck am I if I dont start the ball rolling?

By 100% honest, I mean about things that have to do with work. Personal lifestyle choices and beliefs shouldnt matter, therefore you dont have to reveal them in a job interview because you probably wont be revealing them on the job.

This is an abundant world. At least in the USA. theres no reason to deceive people who you are trying to begin a relationship with. if a hiring manager or boss asks you about politics (something that in some states is as illegal to do as asking about age/religion/sexual bent) then i would have no problem telling them because it’s obviously going to come up in the future.

when the dude flipped around the bush picture i knew i could have said something like, “i did vote for reagan and bush sr.” but i figured why bother, the guy didnt seem like someone i would want to bust my ass for, and i probably wasnt the guy he was looking for either.

it’s ok to identify a non-love connection and leave it at that.

you dont have to “get” every job you apply for, because not every job is perfect for every person.

i would much rather interview a lot and find the right fit than to try to trick someone into saying yes. and judging from some of the people i have worked with over the last 100 years, i sorta wish that some of them would have seen that their uptight ways weren’t right for the fun companies that i worked for, and it would have been better for all of us if they would have passed on the job offer.

these arent desperate times for good employees. keep searching till you find your right job. dont settle. dont lie. be yourself. rock.

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