a long time ago

morrissey was signing cds in Times Square. he had just released a solo record.

alot of his nyc fans had lined up early in the morn to get the chance to meet their hero.

morrissey’s number one fan was not carmen elektra, let me put it that way. he/she might have been named carmen, but thats where the similarities ended.

it was then i knew that fans are great but dont expect them all to be centerfolds in any upcoming editions.

today i got a very nice email from a fellow who admitted his man-crush for me.

this is not the first time that this has happened.

yes it’s weird, but what isn’t weird these days when you really think about it. it’s weird i get any emails when it comes right down to it.

what i do like is he lead me in the direction of a great play that i missed last week, so see, don’t diss the people who dig your shit, cuz they might clue you in to something that you’ll like.

Hey, Tony. Avid reader of the busblog here.

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I have officially decided I have a man-crush on you.

I love your writing, you have a great flair for it.

I am also a Cubs fan, so you and I are kindred spirts. I live in Texas, so I know how tough it is to follow them. I found peace in reading your blogs last year after the NLCS. It was the first time in my life I have ever cried over a sporting event that I hadn’t been a part of. I am comfortable admitting that.

I am going to Wrigley for two games next week. I will send you pics if you like.

I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your work, and thank you for spending your breaks at xbi on us. We do appreciate it.

Also, I am disappointed you never mentioned Kerry Wood’s behind the back double play from last week (scroll down to Sept 16). I was hoping to see some sort of mention, maybe even a photo essay.

He went to high school right here where I live….not that it matters, but I thought you would find that interesting…


thanks dave,

enjoy your trip to wrigley field, the most beautiful ball park in america, and therefore the world. please take pics and put them on your blog. and when you do write me again and i will be sure to link to it.

thanks again,


the computer vet + technically speaking + leah’s soft black choice was perfect

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