hi raymeee,

yes i miss you too. im so sorry i havent written in so long, but like you, i also have a significant other who, like you, takes me to canadian hotels, and like you, keeps me up all night as we disect bible passages.

dude, you dont have to tell me how shitty this hockey strike is. here in LA, as you know, we have two teams. they both suck but we miss puck so badly that we can barely enjoy this heatwave that we’re getting, but fuck the weather, lets go back to you, how are you raymi? how?

do you know youre still my second favorite blogger? only behind flagrant disregard? do you know that the best thing about wednesdays on the blogosphere are poetry wednesdays over at annika’s tankboy’s blog? do you know how great your nudity looked yesterday? do you know that sometimes i dont even read all the things that you write, just every other word.

i have a weird thing with your blog. i love it, but i want to savor it, so sometimes i will see that youve updated and i look at it and i wont read it right away, i will do like the english beat and save it for later.

but then i get distracted and forget to go back and read it and forget all about it entirely and then i will remember a few days later and i’ll go oooooh awesome i get to read raymi the minx’s blog. and then i get happy again, followed usually by distracted again and then the viscious cycle spirals around again.

when are you going to dump your nice man and move to hollywood, baby? when will you put together a book like i did and sell it for far more than i did and therefore make far more money than i did.

let me interview you someday soon.

i want to do a raymi photo essay interview

i havent done a proper photo essay in a long time, i would love to come back with a great one of you, who i adore, who everyone adores, who writes the blog that i wish i had the nerve to write.

you dont think i dont want to get topless on this shit? you dont think i dont want to write about my love for carebears and rainbows like you do? you dont think i dont wanna raymioake like you do?

all i ever end up with are dumb rhymes
youre a gibson sg and im wind chimes

narkoleptomania + the new yorker talks about bukowski + raymi

TSAR will be at SXSW

on St. Patty’s Day at the Hard Rock in Austin at 2:30pm.

it is a free show but you have to get your name on the list and the list is filling up quickly

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email tsar2001 @ earthlink.net

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and bring hot babes

and prepare to hear a selection from their upcoming new cd Band Girls Money on TVT Records

afterwards feel free to buy me as many free drinks as you like 🙂

three bed two bath + driko + gambling gringo