the thing about the jeff gannon thing

that fascinates me is how similar it is to a book i read last year called Pimp by Iceberg Slim.

the book was written by a former pimp who detailed his rise and fall in the 40s. i loaned it to several friends who came back with varied opinions.

most said, i still dont understand why a woman would go out and whore herself and give all the money to a man who would beat her and treat her like shit.

it made me wonder if they had read the same book that i had read.

in it, Slim clearly states that there are some people who are tyrannical manipulative violent cutthorats who will use everything that they can to convince their bitches that the only way they can live right is to do what their pimp tells them to do.

and then there are the people who lay on their backs and get fucked by the seediest filthiest “johns” in the world and take it, cuz its easier that way. cuz most are lazy and spineless and scared, and therefore easy.

BushCo could re-write Pimp if they wanted. they shook down america, stole, lied, fucked, bashed, and told the country to go out there and get that money.

the red states were all “im a whore anyway, at least i like my pimp daddy.”

the blue states were all “ow it hurts getting fucked in the ass, but nobody will listen when i say stop.”

and the press just write down the tales, the unbelievable stories, the ridiculous truths and they listen when the pimp says, quit calling me a pimp, call me a liberator.

and the bitches do it.

and they allow anyone who dares stand up against it to get ridiculed.

even when the pimp went after dan rather the press just laid on its back, closed its eyes and covered its ears thinking, at least hes not after me at least hes not after me. as if this pimp has a strong pimp hand. obl doesnt seem afraid of it. france doesnt seem afraid of it. china and n. korea and definately s. arabia doesnt seem afraid of it.

but the press lay there like little bitches so afraid of what BushCo will think and now trembling before the bloggers who will fact check their asses, not completely, of course, but enough to stir up enough dust that it will get messy.

first thing rather should have done was say, fuck the authenticity of the doc in question, what about the contents. i can show you a forged US Constitution, but that doesnt mean the contents are invalid. but cbs is a whore begging for a pimp. dying to get told what to do.

just like gannon.

just like all of em.

where was the member of the press who stood up and said, excuse me mr president but bullshit.

bullshit on your weapons of mass destruction, bullshit on not finding osama, bullshit on spending your way into the biggest deficit of all time, bullshit on flat out lying about the state of the social security situation, bullshit on your manwhore jeff gannon, and bullshit on you being a fucking puppet ass fuck.

everyone is a whore to something, his robot head would have uttered after it blew apart, smoke pluming out of its ears.




even pierce.

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