next year i’ll go as a journalist

next year i’ll do everything as a journalist. other than a cop, how many other professions will allow you access to go into pretty much anywhere and ask other people questions and then take pictures of them.

count me in.

still drunk, fyi. drank in the plane, drank during the layover, drank on the other plane. everything was awesome. being home is awesome too. look ma no typeos.

the delivery hold mail situation worked out perfect. the ride home from ms rene spunikova worked out perfecto, the hope that the twenty three year old veergin would want to sniff me up and down to see how much of this blog is true is working out perfect cuz shes on the way whcich means ive gotta soak in the tub.

you know what friends are, friends are people who break into your howse lay out your slippers, robe and favorite pipe and rearange your furniture for your triumphjant return.

a box of pears were on my doorstoop from a pal who attatched a card that sayd congratulations on your award winning blogpost, does this mean youre rich?

i flew next to a very nice woman from austin who is in town to buy clothes for her boutique. at some point xshe handed me her card and alot of the kids at the convention had cards for each other. but we dont have any at the xbi for some reason.

and i should get some cards or make some up or something although it was nice to say just type tony into google and im not the tony awards and im not tony bennet and im not tony hawk.

earlier in the flight i was very happily reading wil wheatons “just a geek” which was kismet or something because apparently at that time he was on msnbc giving me a shoutout.

at the time i believe i was enjoying the chapter about wil at the star trek convention at the hilton in las vegas. very funny. count on me to actually finish this book, which is something i rarely do these days.

ok i must shower.

i cant believe i got to meet wonkette!

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