how to make a photo essay

one of my favorite photo essays deserves a little hype right now. it’s called happy easter.

its a good example of how easy photo essays are to make.

the biggest reason i think more people dont do them is because they dont have hosting for their pictures and their pages.

get hosting. it’s around $5-$15 a month.

this is 2005. we should have flying cars and robot maids and get tall pills by now. do your part and get hosting for your shit and keep progress moving.

then you can make a photo essay.

all you do is figure out a story that you want to tell, search the internet for pictures that will match up with the story and youre almost done.

then get a program like dreamweaver. center the picture into the page. and put the text under the pic. dont put more than three lines under each picture. remember that the beauty of the photo essay is that it allows people to click. people love to click. so let them.

dont make the pic too big that people will have to scroll down. but dont make the pic so small that they cant see it immediately. its good if you have photoshop so you can size the pic or crop it so it shows you exactly what you want them to see.

link the pic to the next page. use border=0 so theres no band around the picture.

make the background color match the picture in some way. for example, if you have a picture of a model who is on a white background, make the background of the page white. it will make the subject of the image stand out more and you wont see the edges of the picture so much. use contrast and brightness to match up the white (or black) with the background.

have fun.

dont be afraid if your photo essay seems to be long. ive done 50+ page photo essays that people speed right through.

also know that a good chunk of people will never make it past the first page, so on that first page put instructions as to how to work the photo essay. realize however that most people dont go backwards, so no need having forward and/or back buttons on each page.

however it might be a good idea to have a “go back to the beginning” link on the very last page so folks can experience your genius repeatedly.

also remember that im the king of photo essays and i break all of these rules in happy easter but thats cuz i was drunk that night and lazy and i just wanted to get it done.

it took about 3-4 hours, which isnt really that long unless you’re an imbecile like i am and started it at midnight after drinking at the bar with karisa.

happy good thursday!

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