yes thats the wonkette

and yes i got to meet her.

this picture was taken by ben from the austinist who captured the instant that wonkette was not allowed into the Side Bar because she didnt have her drivers liscense. to add to the irony it was the Gawker party where she was the guest of honor – one would think.

im not sure who she called but she eventually got inside only to get surrounded by adoring men including yours truly who towered over her because she is a petit lil number.

wonkette was very generous to me, answering every question that i had for her which i might get into more detail later but sk and i are off to an early dinner.

anyways the gawker party was great for many reasons

1 wonkette was there
2 the google kids were there being funny
3 henry copeland was impressing us
4 the replacements’ 16 blue was playing on the jukebox
5 two wannabe porn stars were in the hizzy
6 madpony arrived at midnight to much fanfare
7 most of the drinks were free
8 so many people said hi to me and were Amazingly nice
9 a nice girl was kissing every man on the cheek leaving huge red lipstick marks on our heads and cheeks
10 mc brown was sloshed

so yeah wonkette told me that she is working on a novel, and that washingtonenne was a crazy funlovin gal but despite the photographs that i post on this blog she is not the bosom buddy that she appears to be and the two arent really chums.

my fantasies are still intact though because rarely do i believe things that are told infront of salivating men

god shes cute. and lil.

tomorrow i get to meet raspil iverson! and maybe later in the week bunny mcintosh.

who knew that the best way to meet so many people who i admire was to come to the biggest red state in america.