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as long as this record is on im going to blog. im going to eat chocolate, start smoking, drink diet dr pepper, watch britney and kevin on tivo and listen to david grohl totally shred all over this apartment whose window is open and whose christmas lights are burning out whose floors and shelves and crevices and sofa cushions and carpets and corners and dishes and everything are dirty.

and dirtiest of them all is the king of this castle who is appearing in a very bizarre guest starring role in an odd episode of his so called life where in this episode people will say yes yes yes and others will say no no no and those who will say yes will be ones who dont usually say yes about anything and those who will say no youd never expect that theyd ever say no in a zillion years. are you telling me that you are going to have something to do with blogging and you want to take it to a bigger higher level and you dont think the busblog can get you there?

say what you will about the quality of this shit over the last year but the hits have doubled and i dont think i took a day off for even a day this year. you dont want that sort of horse on your stage coach? shit. that would be like if rock said to grohl that they didnt care that kurt was dead that they didnt need dave around neither. you know how much money rock has made off dave grohl solo records? tons. more than ringo solo records i’ll tell you that right now.

best of you is on now. what a great song. me and chris and carlisa, not karisa, carlisa from pink cookies went to see the foo fighters many moons ago with the D opening and it was awesome. of course we had great seats cuz im a black man and we always have the best tickets. ha. but grohl was amazing and this song just shows that hes still got it. i cant say i was crazy about the last record but this one puts him right back in there in that middle of the road for kroq pop sweet spot and its not easy to – listen to me – its not easy to be in that chewy chocolately center without causing cavities or rotting out of stalenation or looking gay which has always been coldplays problem because only someone would coldplay would marry someone named gwenyth and name their baby apple and the first person who doesnt call that gay is a fucking liar and theres nothing worse than that particularily in the blogosphere.

see you in hell is track four on in your honor and the phone might be ringing but i cant hear it and the answering machine is full as it always is but i dont care why would i care. kevin has his shiteating grin and this week they showed her saying that she found her soulmate and i looked at dumbass her and i looked at dumbass him and i was all welp guess you did honey. i have no problems with britney. shes no different than any other young chick out there looking for her romeo and ending up with a federline and saying eh why the hell not. hell is only 1:57. thats punk rock dave. -ish.

DOA is next. and its good. what is this five tunes and three and a half are good. im inpressed. dont you remember when In Utero came out and kurdt was saying that dave co-wrote that one screaming song. like the superdooper screaming and yelling crazy song that you just sorta skip past when you listen to that record? dont you remember when kurdt in interviews was all yeah its nice not to have to write all the songs all the time and you were all whhhaaaa? you think kurdt knew that dave really could right songs like this? and all the songs he’s written over the last ten years. i mean ballads, rockers, the shit he did with probot. the shit he did with the queens. tremendous. im totally impressed. but maybe the thing i liked the most was when he did London Calling with elvis costello springsteen and miami steve. awesome.

(photo by swayframe)

the last song is on now. theres a layer of lacquer on these tunes. a foo fighter filter. its thick this layer. like how it sounds when twins sing. its too right on the mark. its over done. i dont like that layer. theres no rough edges. theres no edges. remember in hitchikers guide to the galaxy when the company that designed Earth, the designer guy Slartibartfast was given an award for the fjords of Norway? well, the foo fighters dont need much but they could use some fucking fjords. grohls heroes and his old band knew about rough edges and power and fjords.

how many times are you going to rewrite monkeywrench?

my problem with the new juliette lewis record is you get no concept from listening to her on cd that she is amazing live. and i guess the frat boys who buy foo fighters records dont care what the records sound like and they’ll be pleasantly suprised by grohl live but ahem if i was a record producer id get fired so often because i would constantly be demanding rock in my fucking earphones. The Deepest Blues Are Black gets to the precipice of rock and it wimps right out, like a teen trying to hump his girl, rock until it gets too nuts and then slows up in order to save it. no saving grunger. immigrant song didnt hold back. id also have a rack of dresses that id put on over my clothes if the band in the room played bridges like this one. id also have a little Ring Bell For Help bell that id tap every time the band played something weak like this and id say you guys just made crap but it doesnt matter cuz i just got paid. ding.

are britney and kev on ecstacy? i know theyre in love but are they on drugs too? she always seems super tired and groggy and his pupils always look really huge and they keep talking all this deep shit in the middle of the night. you dont talk like that if youre drinking. maybe if youre stoned. hmmmm. maybe theyre stoned. except when the dogs sniffed their bags they didnt smell anything. and brit was rubbing his ankle like it was the best feeling ankle in the world, very much, as i understand it, “ravers” do at their dances. sometimes these jokes are just for me but i appreciate you hanging in there.

i clicked through Resolve before it was over and i keep thinking to myself if youre going to have a rock side and an acoustical side shouldnt your rock side be like RAWWWWWK!? id have a bullhorn. id wear a tshirt that said albinis a pussy and id bring tomatoes into the studio and hurl them and say why are you wasting my time why are you boring me why are you doing this to the kids why are you wasting your talent in a million years drummers like bonham and copeland and peart show up and funny looking you were the best grunge drummer and if all youre going to do is put out this pop shit and forget your roots then what does that really teach the kids? this is a cake that wasnt quite done probably because nobody in showbiz has the guts to tell the big stars when theyre bad. and i wouldnt say that this is bad, its just half assed. and half of it is really good but half of it isnt. and dave grohl doesnt need the money he doesnt have to have a double album so he should only make really good records when he has a chance to make really good albums. and if he trimmed the fat or worked on some of these tunes long enough and took it easy with the polishbuffer machine the kids would have something good to underage drink to. shit even the feedback holds a perfect tone.

i’ll review the acoustic side later. my teeth need brushing.

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dear negative anonymous commentors

who are friends with the wonderful girl in question,

dont leave your bullshit here. you dont know me, you dont know my situation, you dont know shit about blogging, and you obviously dont know how i do shit on this blog.

i dont write about my personal life here. that means i dont jump around on couches when things are going good with chicks and i dont throw phones at bellboys when shit isnt going well.

this is a personal blog about me where very little in here is true. maybe thats tough to wrap your little head around, but if you dont know you better axe somebody.

is it “self absorbed”? not even in the slightest. i dont tell you what i ate for breakfast, i dont write about what my favorite fucking tune is right now, i dont tell you what my fingers smell like, and i dont tell you anything that i dont want to tell you.

ive had this car for two weeks. have i even posted a picture of it? have i even discussed my relationship with our mutual friend – even when it was going well? hail no. even when i was dating girls who were super exhibitional about their lives whose nipples would get hard any time id put their name and pictures on here i didnt put their name and pictures on here much because thats not how i do things here. but it is a personal blog about me, therefore the perspective is going to come from me. if anything, know that she was on my mind, duh, last night when i made a allusion to her early in the post. and then i moved on out of respect, and out of busblog style.

but be not confused. i am the star of this show. the url doesnt say it says so recognize.

if you have something to say, put it in your own stupid blog. if you want me to read it, link to it. but if you, even for a second think that you know something about the situation, think again. you know a sliver more about it than i know about your relationships. and that sliver is secondhand. true, its coming from a wonderful person, but it comes with its biases and a perspective that might not explain the whole story. to get the whole story you have to get half of it from me and i havent said shit. so shut the fuck up. i know youre trying to protect your friend and be a good friend but leaving bullshit on my comments only makes you look like an idiot, only pisses me off, and only makes strangers think that she picks stupid friends, which youre not. whoever you are.

do i blog in the middle of the night? of course. im a blogger. i blog when i wake, i blog when i eat, i blog on vacation, i blog when im happy and i blog when im sad.

heres how you can be a good friend to her. reinforce to her that im an idiot to let her go but maybe its for the best. tell her that definately its for the best because it is for the best. remind her that people split up every day and people get together every day. go out with her to find new dudes. the Lord didnt put billions of us on this toilet earth to be lonely. and perfect girls like her shouldnt be alone even for a day.

but most of all help her get those demons out of her head that she did anything wrong or made any mistakes. shes an angel. shes precious. shes rad, and we’re all lucky to know her. however if you dont think that both of us arent bummed right now then youre an idiot.

you wanna tell me how to blog? good fucking luck. shove your good intentions and your misguided bullshit. instead focus your energies on your friend who actually needs your attention way more than i do.

and like i tell everyone, if you have anything to say to me in my comments, put your name next to it or you’ll come across as a coward and a fool and i will make fun of you, and if you keep it up i will get mean. me getting mean on your ignorant ass will not do anything to help out your friend, all it will do is remind people that when im pissed off im the most fascinating writer in the world which will defeat your intention of making me look like a prick, which everyone already knows i am. youve been warned.

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im thinking there should be something called

twenty minutes til two where if people found themselves available to blog at 1:40a that they should. for twenty minutes. then stop at two.

im doing a shitty job of relaxing. i had a terrible phone call with a beautiful girl today and i told her to email me when she got home so id know that she had made it home ok but i could understand why shed be so disgusted and hurt by me that she wouldnt want to communicate with me right now. and i dont blamer.

all ive wanted to do for a week was go to this little parking place off wilshire where i could get a parking pass to park on my street. here at the busblog we dont do a lot of complaining and maybe thats one reason why people like coming here. but that was when one rode the bus. you got your pass once a month at the ralphs and that was it.

chris said she was so amazed that i never really asked to borrow her car for the last five years, never complained about commutting, never bitched about how some chick lost insterest in me because she discovered i didnt have a car. and its so true, not having a car was a stress free easy deal and if i desperately needed a car id rent one and you could rent a car for a weekend now and then and it still was cheaper than having a car. it was cheaper than just the gas that cars cost.

i was reading my white stripes review today and i was so embarrassed. god do i make a shitton of typos. sorry about that, but maybe that shows you how little i go back to edit or read or anything. hit n run.

ten minutes til two and i finally watched the one hit wonder show and i must say Vanilla Ice was pretty damn good. and i also have to ask, why would tommy twotone try to sing a song he cant sing? and why would the knack pick such a totally lame song. and why would the Roxburry dude sing a britney spears song and crawl across the stage?

i also watched Best Week Ever which is always funny. and i watched letterman and while i was watching that i saw an ad for Big Brother which is coming back in July.

and then i thought, how about a Big Brother of Bloggers? totally same thing as Big Brother except everyone can blog if they want. in fact many of the challenges should include blogging.

write a post supporting the president and denouncing the Downing Street memo.

write 100 haikus.

blog for an hour straight without saying i.

write a post to anna kournikova entirely in the third person after drinking four shots of tequilla.

i went to AAA today, america, and i had thought that i was an insured driver, but apparently i wasnt, but now i am and the woman was so good and so professional and everything went so well that it just added to the misery when i wasnt able to get to the parking permit people and now i have to wait till monday.

two minutes till two and i’ll end with some promises about the busblog for the next week. its going to be longer and harder and rougher and deeper and more literary and less real and totally fake and super hot and a lil dirty and leaner and maybe even spell checked now and then.

but it will be better, and the reason it will be better is because sometimes all you have is a keyboard and electricity and a computer. and if you can– whoops its two.

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