danielle doesnt like it when i ignore her.

she doesnt work at the xbi but she works at the building that we occupy. and even though she says she reads my blog im not sure that she totally understands what i do for a living.

but whenever im around the office for lunchtime i like to eat with her cuz shes funny, shes smart, shes brutally honest, and there has never been a topic that she wont discuss with me.

and she hates wearing underwear.

danielle is half italian half jewish. shes half hippie half yuppie. shes all loud, all fun.

youd be suprised how depressing it can be saving the world. so its nice to have a happy girl to have a half sandwich and soup with on a june gloom friday.

she loves anthropologie and fishing. she likes to hike through the palisades and rich guys with loose wallets. she’ll flash you if you dare her so i dont dare her.

i dont have that many friends at the xbi. its sorta an unsaid rule cuz we drop like flies. and you never know who’s on the take who you’ll have to take for a little drive. and thats why its awesome that danielle doesnt work for us.

unless of course she works for someone who is trying to infiltrate us.

in which case she might get a little tour of the pacific via chopper one.

but i doubt it.

she likes the grateful dead and old school jazz.

she watched the whole last season of the sopranos with me, and now we’re gonna watch Deadwood.

she reads all the books i give her and she finds great details to talk about over thai.

she tells me that in two months shes going to be quitting her job at the flower stand downstairs and go to grad school in san diego.

i will miss her a ton.

i hope she keeps up her blog

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one pm saturday edition

of fifteen minutes with tony. i think im going to be employed soon. ironically enough maybe a little too soon. ha. i havent been able to enjoy this summer vacation because ive been worried or busy doing all these other things. from the car to the girl to the work to the sponsor to pretending to be a troll to jury duty to worrying about money and the book and the price of the book and how little it was. i wasnt getting any sleep. it wasnt that i was going to bed and tossing and turning, that never happens to me, im talking typing and typing and clicking around the blogosphere and corresponding and reading until first 4am then 6am then 11am and then the other day until 4:30pm. im not complaining, it was fascinating, im just saying, its not your typical summer vacation, shit i havent been to venice beach even once.

but it will be good to have a job again. i am someone who needs to be working and it helps if its something hard. i dont even care if its a useless job for people who dont really like you, keep my mind busy or i will go crazy. im in twelve fantasy baseball leagues. i commish four of them. i think next year i’ll commish all twelve because there is nothing worse, nothing at ALL than being in a good fantasy league that has a bad commish. it ruins everything.

coulter is the banker when you play monopoly. ive only had the pleasure to play once with him but it was a complete joy. he keeps the dice rolling, he keeps the money handled, hes telling jokes, keeping an eye on the cd player, he makes it fun and quick.

the commish of a fantasy baseball league should be like that. and fair and active and be willing to communicate. the problem is the commish also has a team, so sometimes he is in the position of having to rule on the fairness of trades that he is involved in.

the tricky part is everyone is trying to sell off overrated players for undervalued or up-and-coming players.

what i would like yahoo fantasy sports to be able tell me is, which prospective league members are truly active. which ones really play every day and have played every day for the last few years. if you want me to pay for the premium services, get me in a league where the commish is like coulter and the players actually play every day.

id pay for that.

im watching film school on ifc because theyre having a marathon today that my tivo picked up for me because my tivos finally understanding. the dude who figures out the program that truly can give good suggestions based on the things that you watch and the things that you tivo will be a rich mammajamma. how hard could it really be? there are good movies there are bad movies and a whole bunch inbetween. same for tv shows. and there are a lot of people using tivo. how hard is it to figure out that those thumbs up and thumbs down buttons when used properly could be great feedback to , shit, lots of people. so why isnt tivo figuring this out.

i tivo every cubs game i can, but sometimes i’ll record one on a chanel that gets blacked out, why cant tivo see that its going to be blacked out in my zip code, or better yet, why cant it see that im not receiving a signal? how hard would that be to determine? and once you tivo every baseball game from the same team, why not just assume that i want the rest of them.

and secondly, we can put a man on the moon but my tivo cant figure out that i no habla espanol. i watch the spanish channels occassionally because theyre loco but if ive never recorded one there really is no reason for tivo to think i want one recorded. ay carumba.

today i am going to take a little drive and snap some pictures because my maid is going to clean my house because i havent been able to use her in a while and she said mr tony what is the problem and i told her that i had no job and she said oh i will clean your house for free and i will make you some soup and i said oh no please no and i was laughing and she was laughing and the other day she called me up and she asked me if i would give her five cds from my cd collection because she loves jazz and she would love some of my jazz cds. your maid i have learned often knows more about your possessions than you do. so i was all baby if you clean my house you can have twenty of my cds. so im expecting some damn good soup when i come home tonight.

two questions from trinidad

1. Do you ever have regrets about using your real name in your blog like when you meet people like the judge you can’t really be anonimous it must be a pain sometimes.

yes. since i dont write about politics very much or tech or have nudes, and since im not a hot young chick, i never thought my blog would be read by very many people. and who could have predicted the popularity of blogging itself. so yes if i had to do it over again i would have made up a really great fake name like rock dangerson and lay low, but as in most things i had no clue what i was doing.

2. Have you really ever gotten into a girls’s pants because of your blog? haha can’t wait to hear the answer to that one.

mickey kaus says im the only person that thats happened to but mickey’s reading the wrong blogs. lord knows hes linking the wrong ones. jk, mk. but i know of quite a few who are receiving the benefits due to their posts, but that shouldnt be suprising, if people can get laid from the crap they throw up on their myspace pages, a decent blogger in comparison should be rolling in it.

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