because of my former place of employment everyone thinks

that i have some magical access to the stern show archives or some inside info, and thats true but when people asked me the lyrics of the Beetlejuice Song i was all i dont even think beat himself knows the words but here is what i think hes saying

This is Beetle
he’s as bad as can
he knows he’s the best
this is Beetle he’s as bad as can
he knows he’s the best.

He’s big and he’s strong
and he knows that he’s badder
and he knows what he gets
he knows what he knows
and he knows what he have
and he knows what he is
he gets better

and he’s a tough guy
and he knows
he knows the best

howard gets his fair share of critics but one thing thats undeniable, he milks more entertainment from retards drunks and dwarves on his one little show than full blown networks get out of their entire talent department.

think about the cast of characters that Howard has brought to the airwaves over just the last few years:

stuttering john
john the stutterer
crackhead bob
hank the angry drunken dwarf
miss howard stern
high pitch eric
richard christie
gary the retard
crazy cabbie
eric the midget
capt. janks
fred the elephant boy
jeff the drunk
dan the farter
wendy the retard
daniel carver

none of these people who have brought us so much laughter would have been on tv or radio if it wasnt for howard. he knows talent when he sees it.

as beetle says, he knows what he is, he get better.

4rilla + science blog + xtx will host a guest post from me tomorrow

ok this is a test post

to see how the new blogger upload picture thingie works.

on one hand its incredibly easy because i had to hotlink pics if i wanted to blog from work because i didnt have photoshop at work or dreamweaver and many pictures that … well nevermind, this tool if it works would be amazing.

what i really like is it will resize the image for you, for example whoops it didnt do such a good job on placing the picture where i wanted but thats ok.

like with most of blogging, a tad of coding is needed to work the thing and that makes sense. if you want to be any good at cooking its helpful if you understand a little about science and nature and romance and love. therefore to be able to create a good blog its important, i think to know a little html, css, blogosphere etiquite, and a little bit about photoshop or at least paint.

again that is just my opinion and this is a test post so dont get your panties in a bunch if you want to consider yourself some sort of blog expert and you dont even know how to put up an image or design your own shit or know how to make a button or if youre too chickenshit to just have open comments so that people have a way to throw a little checks and balance on your ass.

the way i used to look at it was i get to say what i want in the post and the readers get to say what they want in the comments. checks and balances. but then i started to think, fuck, im trying to do something in the blog as a whole, i cant be having some nincompoop fucking up the program via the comments. then i was all, if some asswipe can instill some reasonable doubt through the puny confines of the comments, and if that person can do it despite being an anonymous naysayer, then maybe your point isnt so strong. but then i thought, if a cockroach skirted across the floor and out the front door id be startled but id go back to drinking by booze. however if a cockroach just sorta moseyed on through and took his sweet old time and maybe asked his cigar on my new rug or farted or said my decor was too-ikea ’02 id fucking smoosh him with my size 11s.

but i dont know. sometimes the jockey just needs to show the horse the whip. everyone wants the jockey to be the boss, not the beast. but no one wants to think that its not a horserace.

either way all i know is any blog either without comments or with comments that first get approved by the owner of the said blog will never be as good as a blog with open comments. and all these newspapers and magazines trying to be “hip” with their new blogs, realize that 20% of your grade is your comments, how you manage them, and how little you censor them. if this is really a conversation, how much like a real conversation will you “allow” it to be? which isnt to say if someone is being beligerant you arent allowed to call them out and walk away, but if someone has a legit concern or point they should, in america, have the right to say it the second they feel it, especially if theyre putting their name email and homepage next to their comment.

but thats me mr vegas who doesnt give a fuck why should i im not pretending to be any hot shit knowitall faker in the first place.

ok lets see if this picture turned out

write hard + blogometer + do a Find on instapundit for “torture”, if you can