oftentimes when i blog

i find that i have left over examples or information or photographs left around, on the cutting room floor, as they say. in the last post i definately didnt want to slight our very good friend george from all about george and negrophile. mr kelly is one of those intensely intellectual black men who actually thinks for a beat before he lets you have it with an amazing deep baritone, which would be perfect in a podcast, which i have recently been talked into persuing. the podcast would be called bloggers, an interview show, and the first person i thought of interviewing was mr kelly who i had read before i met him in texas and who was even more impressive in person.

and the second guest of course would be raymi.

welcome to seventeen minutes with tony it is 11:57am. go.

why am i up so early? because i have a job interview today. i have a freakishly high interview to offer ratio. it might be 100%, and ive held quite a few jobs. isou remarked how he was envious that i truly dont give a fuck about what people think about me, but he should be warned that theres one type of person who that really irks: bosses. and i have not been blessed with a high percentage of bosses who feel comfortable with such confidence. so beware.

twelve o one and its a good job that i would like to take the bus to since its right down sunset or if i was younger id skateboard but random little things can ruin a good skate like an acorn or a broken 40 or a rock. one of the great little perks of busriding was at least 15-20 minutes of solid book reading, a practice i rarely do in bed since the dawn of the www.

a very nice fan sent me an illegal directv card that gives me all the stations. now ive received my fair share of love from the blogosphere, and im truly grateful for all of it. and i never forget anyone. but this card is cracking me up.

first of all as a Christian man i can’t possibly keep it, as it’s stealing. and i would definately be stealing a lot of the porn that i am currently watching at twelve o five this gorgeous afternoon here in la. however i would like to keep it when Directv blacks out certain games because i happen to live in a certain part of the country.

for example, this weekend my beloved Cubs were swept by the bronx bombers of new york. totally historic series as the cubs hadnt been in yankee stadium since ’33 or ’38 or something crazy. on friday i got the game on wgn and on sunday i got the game through my mlb baseball package, but on saturday it was blacked out by fox so that i was forced to watch the dodger game since i happen to live in LA.

i pay $159 extra each year to get as many baseball games as i can possibly get. is it stealing, therefore, if i unscramble the signal of something thats not for sale? this porn that im watching out of the corner of my eye, thats for sale, i should pay for this, but the saturday afternoon cubs yankees game that id pay extra for if there was a price, i do not believe is stealing.

another improvement of this card is the ability to watch local stations from all around the country. for nine years ive given directv an awful lot of money since i always have the sports season tickets, hoops, baseball, football, and at least one movie channel, currently starz because hbo doesnt have the sopranos or maher. dont they know that if they offered the Local Channels from the USA package, i’d pay $99 extra a month? what good is having it beaming off your bird if you wont let us buy it?

where are my representatives in washington? why is it that the only time i hear shit from them its to limit what i hear and see and never to expand it. the internet is blowing doors off traditional entertainment because the internet continues to grow at ridiculous rates. theres always something newer and faster and better. right now its the blogosphere. the greatest show on earth.

what was impressed on me was that podcasting was a way to take that blogosphere with you offline. since i never leave the house that hadnt occured to me, but yes, i suppose there are people who actually have nothing to listen to on their ipods and might want to hear people talking about interesting things.

as soon as this film is over im going to take this card out and walk over to the ronald mcdonald house on fountain ave and donate this to families in need, who might not be from la and would like to see their local news. so generous donator who sent me this wonderful deal, please dont me mad but i cant keep this. if you want it back just email me. i can wait.

in fact, take your time.

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