four years ago today

was 9/12.

people talk alot about 9/11, but for me that day was just full-on shock and disbelief.

on 9/12 E! let us have the day off. after three four hours of tv i didnt know what to do. i wasnt really going to go in the subway. and i sure as hell wasnt gonna cruise around LA.

times were very odd because there werent any planes in the sky and the only helicopters were military ones that were SUPER loud.

occassionally youd hear a F-15 or F-16 fly by. it was quite eerie.

so i did what i always do when ive got nothing better to do: i smoked out and cruised the web.

what i noticed was around the world lots of people had started doing cool little demonstrations for America.

kids were dropping off flowers at our embassies, people were putting candles and american flags on gates, it was super touching, it was super cool.

part of the anger that i have for our president is back then all of us would have signed up for the Army, all of us would have accepted a tax to fund the military, all of us donated to the causes, and all of us were united.

and what did he do? he fucked all of that up.

so i like this particular photo essay so much because this was right before the fuckup. this was the world showing us that politics aside we’re all people and we all have feelings and deep down we all love each other.

i know, sappy, but four years ago thats what it was like.

hi, world

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