I think you’re a great writer and deserve everything you have earned.

However, i am sickened by those who want to start casting blame with everything that is going on. Even more, the finger pointing that is going on, particularly at Bush.

I am a Dem who believes in fair play and i am stunned how everyone wants to bypass any responsibility that rightly belongs on the city (mayor of NO) and state (governor of LA) when no one knows the story. If he screwed up there will be plenty of time to find it out and we most certainly will not hear the end of it. But, until that day comes, i just can’t bring myself to read your writing any more.

You’ve got a great future and i am a bit sad that i’ll have to skip your blog.

I wish you best of luck!

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when the President of a country is 500 miles away from the epicenter of the biggest natural disaster in the history of his nation and decides to remain on vacation you shouldnt be so stunned at some finger pointing being sent his way.

when that President has a history of making the wrong choices when unprecidented tragedy befalls his people, you shouldnt be so stunned to see some criticism when his behavoir doesnt change.

we do know part of the story in relation to the Bush administration. we know that up to four years ago FEMA warned about the dangers to New Orleans and last year Bush cut the $27 mil budget requested by the US Army Corps of Engineers for improving the levees in 2005 by more than 80% to a paltry $3.9 million,

we also know that the $100 million 2005 budget requested by the Southeast Louisiana Flood control project was slashed to $16.5 million by Bush.

but mostly we know where the president’s priorities are: in Iraq. not in Afghanistan, not in Saudi Arabia and certainly not in the USA. even when he was one state away it took him 5 days to get his ass to New Orleans.

you can run away from this blog all you want Robert if you “cant bring” yourself to read my writing anymore. but what youre doing is judging me on what bloggers are meant to do: provide an opinion to current events.

not only have i done that but i gave constructive criticism to the president as to what would best serve this country and his public opinoin.

if you cant handle that then good riddance and dont bother coming back here because let me tell you something, what you have seen this week on the busblog is pure tony pierce and if youre sincere in saying that i deserve everything that ive gotten based on my writing, this week is what my writing is all about – handling serious issues head on without blinking.

the funny thing about Bush is we do hear the end of his screw ups. Osama is running around free, we dont hear about him; we tortured people in Gitmo and in Iraq, we dont hear about that any more; Bush had a friggin President’s Daily Briefing in August of 2001 titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike US” that we dont hear about; his cheif of staff outted a CIA agent that we dont hear about; we went to fucking war over WMDs that we dont hear about; gasoline is $3 a gallon and there isnt a mob outside the gates of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

and instead the busblog loses a reader?


dont come back.

and when you’re waiting for help, starving, thirsty, wet, sick, desperate, in danger, freaked out as dead bodies float by, with cops looting and quitting, with no one to help you, and the president is an hour flight away, i wont say shit on your behalf – five days later – because omg what happens if i lose a reader.

then you’ll know that ive become the PC sellout fake dem.

and then you should really be “a bit sad”.

bush chose iraq over new orleans + jason toney + Nat’l Guard Won’t Let Red Cross into New Orleans?

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