hey Tony

I just have a quick question I thought maybe you coud answer if you have the time.

Concerning copyrights on books, what chances if any do you have of releasing a book with the same title of another already released book if in the same category of fiction and on the same market?

For example say you were to release Stiff on Amazon, and there is already a fiction work much like yours (although with significant differences) on Amazon. What are the chances that somone would sue? What determines if they can sue?

Just wondering.


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hey andrew,

first of all i would never release anything on amazon. anyone who would be nterested in any of my books would know me from my blog, so why would i give amazon a cut? i would only sell my books through my blog online or through a bookstore.

as for Stiff, i know theres a non-fiction book that was released several years ago, so im not too worried about that. and if worse came to worse i would just change the title to its subtitle “The Escalator to Elsewhere”.

im sorta stuck now though because of all the people who made such cool book covers.

also i only hope to sell 666 copies. if i sell more that would be awesome, but in all reality i will probably only sell about 300-400 books, so i doubt i get any attention from anyone who would sue.

from what i understand, the only way someone would sue would be if i confused people in the marketplace, for example, if my book was a non-fiction book or about cadavers.

fortunately my book is about dying and meeting kurt kobain.

which is another legal matter, probably.

also there are even companies with the same name as others. Apple computers for example had to make a deal with the Beatle’s Apple Records that they would never sell music.

all of that wnet fine until Apple computers came up with the brilliant idea to create the iTunes store.

and as we see even they worked out some sort of deal,

so im not too worried

today is the last day to submit covers for the Stiff cover contest.

for instructions on how to submit, just go here, its super easy.

happy tuesday,


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