a lot has changed with the busblog over the last few years

ashley which is bound to happen.

when it started i actually rode the bus everywhere, which is how this blog got its name. and i was doing a lot of dating, which is what got the blog its fame, some say.

in the begining i was dating a 19 yr old young lady named Ashley who at the time was living in las vegas.

as time went on she moved to california. orange county to be specific. some say that the OC was created because of ashley. i wouldnt doubt it.

over time we had our ups and downs as any teen and her 110 yr old beau would have. but for the most part it was a happy time, in fact my recollection of it was beautiful.

i bring this up because the other day the daisy princess called me and told me that she felt forgotten by me and replaced by the anna kournikovas of the world who showed up once the busblog really got rolling. to which i told her that she was wrong.

to which she asked why i didnt write about her on my blog anymore.

to which i said because she has been in a happy relationship with her new boyfriend for close to two years.

to which she said but you talk about karisa.

to which i said not all that much.

to which she said more than me.

to which i said cuz she lives about a mile away from me and we go skydiving on sundays.

to which she said do you miss me.

to which i said of course i do.

to which she said how much.

to which i said if your boyfriend knew how much i missed you he’d want to punch me

to which she giggled and said dont be gross which is funny because i wasnt being gross but sometimes she can read my mind and my mind is indeed quite gross.

so yes ashley we are all bummed that you no longer live in southern california but we are happy that you are back in Vegas because now we can hang out with you when we go out there.

but no, you will never be forgotten, especially on the busblog.

yes she still loves drew + her myspace page + me and ashley rent a car

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