the Stiff cover contest

as you know, later this month i will be releasing my third self-published book.

the first one, Blook sold about 100 copies and people were sorta bummed out that it looked more like a college reader than a book

so How To Blog was released almost a year ago and about 250 copies were sold, partially because it looked like a real book, but probably because it was pretty damn good.

in a few weeks i will be offerring Stiff, which are mostly posts from 2002-2003 of entirely fictional material where i die, meet Kurt Kobain and go to Hell.

i can easilly say that those stories are my finest collection of fiction ive ever written. it has a real beginning, a real center, and a real end. they arent just posts thrown together with some sort of faint storyline, theyre all meant to be read as a whole. theyre creative, weird, and unlike anything that ive written lately.

in addition to that tale, i have included about 20 of my best poems. yes, i know poetry isnt what the kids are into much nowadays, but a thousand years ago when i was running around they were all the rage. i majored in poetry in college, and most of these poems are from those days. several have been published in fancy publications, and i must say that they have held up over the years and arent like the shit that passes for poetry today.

straight up.

id have this book out right now but i have one problem, i dont have a cover that im happy with.

i tried to do something with karisa on the cover but it didnt work out. i tried working with an artist today, but that fell through, and i thought about going to you but for some reason i didnt because i wanted it out Fast, but now my better judgement is telling me that i can wait a week, and i should hold a contest: this contest

the Design the Cover for Stiff Contest!

heres what you do: create an image for my new book.

attatch it as a file and email it to this weirdo email address:, no entries sent to my real email address will be accepted. if you have questions put them in the comments of this post. that email address is only for submissions.

the book will be 5″ x 8″ so the image needs to be 1650 x 2550 at 250 dpi

the winner will get their name in the book, a month of primo linkage to their blog (or to their favorite blog) on the busblog, two copies of Stiff, and a cash prize of $66.66!!!

the contest will end on Tuesday Sept 13, so get to work!

heres my only bit of advice: CafePress will not allow me to sell a book whose image has a picture of a famous person or famous artwork, so no pics of Kurt.

good luck! and to those of you who are just watching, you can see the entries as they appear in my Buzznet gallery here

enter early and often!

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