yes it’s true

in two weeks i will be working for Buzznet.

and on my first day i will be flying across the country to new york city.

to see you.

and to shake hands and all the things you do at conventions like BlogOn.

while im there i hope to meet:
evil china doll
jeff jarvis
howard stern
that dude from the hello deli
and the rest of you who read the busblog and live in the big apple

what i’d like to know is:
where’s there a good inexpensive hotel in the city

where a good bar would be for all of us to meet on monday night October 17

i havent been to new york in a very long time, im totally looking forward to it,

it still hasnt sunk in that i will be representing Buzznet and traveling with the good MC Brown

and it hasnt sunk in that i am getting a second chance to work for a tech company and it still hasnt sunk in that im so lucky to get all these chances.

i also hope to meet my book agent.

and i hope to see yankee stadium.

i’ll be there for four days. i doubt i’ll get to do all the things that i hope to do but who knows.

and it would be cool to either see a letterman taping or a daily show taping

and to visit scores.

and to have fun.

this has been quite a bizarre year and this only adds to the weirdness, fortunaly its all good, as the kids say.

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