two of my favorite canadian bloggers

emailed each other in an interview about Raymi.

kiddo and raymi virtually chatted the other day and it made it in kiddo’s school paper.

heres an excerpt

Raymi is a self-proclaimed alcoholic who blogs about her manic depression, her intoxicated escapades, her art, other bloggers, and anything and everything else that goes through her head. She has written articles on fascinating subjects, such as queefs and her childhood obsession with humping her childhood friends and inanimate objects. She has done this for the past five years, making her a reputable expert on the development of the blogosphere, and she has no intentions on stopping; well, with a few exceptions: “only if I went completely crazy, so much so that I just couldn’t handle it anymore, or if someone offered mea [sic] lot of money to stop doing it, or to buy my blog, or if I got really famous and didn’t have time to do it anymore; though if I were more famous I would probably still do it because I would be ten times more self-obsessed.”

Her writing style, as evidenced in that last quote, is a defining part of her online personality. Raymi employs the stream of consciousness style in a unique format (which we’ve cleaned up for publication), pushing beyond Brett Easton Ellis’ well-known gore-filled style. Raymi does not hold back. Ever. And you can hate her personality, blog, and pictures as much as you want—as trolls proclaim in her comments—but you cannot deny the fact that Raymi is as real as Dizzee Rascal is grime.

Plenty of bloggers have tried to imitate Raymi’s style (myself included). She is no doubt the most influential blogger among young female bloggers today, from starting the boob-shot trend to the incoherent-alcoholic-rant trend to the entry-with-random-irrelevant-picture trend. But what separates Raymi from all her followers, no matter how much they try and imitate her style, is the fact that her writing is consistently out in the open and uncensored.

A-list blogger Tony Pierce, Raymi’s biggest fan, put it best: “Raymi pours her soul out there for you. She tells it as it is. She walks the walk. She keeps it realer than real and I keep telling you to read her but you just scan for the nipples.”

as the kids say “read the whole thing

raymi + kiddo + fil + new wavaoke + raymi’s nsfw buzznet page

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