2005 anna award winner – best female blogger: xTx

i dont link her enough, i dont talk about her enough, i dont praise her enough

but this year’s winner of the anna award is totally worthy of the highest praise

not only is she a committed writer, but shes real with her feelings, and takes risks where others dont.

so many people who dont know californians claim that the people are fake. xTx isnt fake, she lays it out there, she goes for it, she rules, and we’re all very lucky that she’s blogging.

shes crude, shes funny, she gets drunk, she gets high, she goes to strip clubs in vegas, she watches porn, she sits in her favorite hot tub and lets the jets do her, she loves the jerk, and just this year she discovered the eagles.

but best of all she writes down what she goes through which is exactly what bloggings all about.

heres a nice little post she whipped out last month:

i hate that things take time. i hate that it took three hours to do something today that I didn’t know would take three hours. i hate that things are changing. i hate change. i hate that drinking a tasty slimfast shake for breakfast and another for lunch with healthy snacks in between and a sensible dinner does not make me lose wieght. I hate that i can’t spell weight. i hate that i can’t do math. i hate that the new girl who started working for me, who actually liked Howard Stern, quit after two weeks because she had to move to Texas. i hate reading resumes. i hate reading resumes with spelling errors or resumes that tout skills like, ‘have a valid california drivers license’ or ‘can access web pages’. i hate that i won’t be a millionaire until my dad dies. i hate that i won’t win the lotto or super mega millions lotto or a lotto scratcher. i hate that i can’t cook dinner every night. i hate that i downloaded a free trial of cinema tycoon and the stupid icon is on my desktop. i hate that i can’t play video games all day long and get paid for it. i hate that stephen king doesnt have any new books out except for this one that i just bought but it’s like a 50’s detective mystery shit. i hate that certain people have too many activities. i hate that they’re coming out with the movie of Narnia cuz now kids won’t read the book fuck that. i hate that i don’t have a master bedroom. i hate that santa is posting on my blog just kidding clausy. i hate that i dont have any friends anymore. i hate that i can’t paint or sing. i hate that i gave a survey person 15 minutes of my time today for no reason. i hate that i might have to update my resume. i hate that life isn’t predictable. i hate that i don’t have an earthquake preparedness kit ready. i hate that every time i pet my dogs enthusiastically i get slobbered and dog smelled. i hate that i can never think of what to blog and then it stresses me out and that is wrong. i hate that people can’t see how great i am. i hate that i don’t think i’m great at all. i hate that i haveta make everyone like me. i hate that i clear my throat all the time like a tourette’s retard. i hate my thighs. i hate that i am not a girl. i hate that i had to walk under a prickly bush to take out the trash and parts of the bush fell into my buttcrack and now i have bush particles in my crack. i hate that people hate. i hate that children’s beauty pageants exist. i hate feeling stupid. i hate every room in my house. i hate not sleeping at night. i hate my hair most every day and am perplexed and awkward when people tell me they love my hair. i hate that i am ugly. i hate that i am a slob. i hate that i am lazy. i hate that i enjoy tv. i hate not going to the movies everyday. i hate never watching the news. i hate not living in new york. i hate losing a hundred thousand tokens on pogo playing texas holdem. i hate people who wish you “gg” or “nh” on pogo cuz that’s gay i don’t know you stop being nice. i hate that i waste a lot of time on worthless things. i hate that alluva sudden my digital camera at work won’t upload pictures to my computer so now i have to walk all the way down to the studio to upload pics. i hate that the famous rapstar guy didn’t talk more. i hate that my washer and dryer are outside in the garage and i have to leave my house to get the laundry. i hate folding clothes. i hate that i will never be on price is right. i don’t know how to end this so i just am going to end it now.

2004 anna winner flagrant disregard + 2004 anna winner raymi le minx + no time to say it

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