today is the birthday

of two of my favorite people in the world. miss danielle k and miss flagrant dis regard.

danielle and i worked together at the xbi several years ago. often times people ask me why i believe in the Lord and sometimes i will tell them that its because He knows when youre low and will send you an angel.

when i was undercover at E! i was working in a department for a boss who didnt respect me, champion me, help me, nurture me, or stoke me in any way. i was on my own and behind the eight ball from the get go.

out of nowhere my supervisor, who i love, said oh tony youre gonna like this new girl over at Style. and people say those things and you think, oh it must be another of the long line of hotties they got over there but wait are you saying i only like hotties how dare you!

but then danielle came bounding off the elevator dressed all classy in her bohemian chic with that long blonde hair with those dazzling eyes and her goofiness that some people dont get and i was all damn bitch youre awesome.

we talked about books and poems and music and cali and finally we were told to break it up that we were supposed to be working, aka hating life.

so we exchanged emails and two weeks later we were hanging out every day at lunch at breaks and sometimes even after work.

my life sucked but hers sucked worse and because shes not a sadist she got the hell out of the job and got into grad school and moved away from me and now lives on a boathouse in la jolla.

shed often wonder why i never girlfriended her and id say its cuz youre a Sag and Libras and Sag’s never work, but i will take a gazillion pics of you and she was all DEAL and she’d pose, america, in any way that i’d ask. she’s a sweet girl and a perfect model and has a heart of gold and i miss her dearly.

now she has a surfer boy bf and theyre in domestic bliss and she wins trophies and she spends his winnings at anthropologie and on $8 salads and thats why she hasnt updated her blawg in two months but you know what — good. cuz if you read her blog 9 times out of 10 she would post when she was super sad or super mad so if shes not going there to vent that means shes happy.

which is what she deserves to be. so bro must be doing her right.

now flagrant disregard is a totally different ball of wax entirely.

ive never met her, ive never exchanged more than a half dozen emails with her, ive only talked on the phone once with her, and for all i know it was a total put on, but i dont think so.

flagrant continues to keep the shroud of mystery going on her blog and i love that. i have been one of the very few people that shes ever linked from on her deal and yet she wont return most of my emails or requests to be interviewed podcasted or anything. shes a cheapskate but she wont take my bait and allow me to send her a copy of Stiff free.

Tsar plays Saturday at Spaceland and as much as she loves good music i doubt that she will go.

but now that i have a car i hope she knows that if she ever needs anything like a drone to go to Target for her in the middle of the night for some corn-free vitamin C i hope she will email me or call.

typically the rule of thumb with blogging is someone who doesnt show their face but claims to be a model probably isnt a model, but every time you start to lose trust in ms disregard she flies off to cuba and brings back a few killer photos in her unique style and you go shit that lil ho went off to see castro without me!

ive met pretty much everyone who ive ever wanted to meet. from elvis costello to paul westerberg to hillary clinton to mc marc brown. theres a part of me who wants to be flagrants best friend forever and theres part of me whose very happy with this weirdass relationship of me talking about her and linking her several times a month and her ignoring everything that i do and say and instead focusing on the demons in her head.

in a perfect world i would have a mansion and she would live in the haunted guest house and she would ring the bell and my assistant would be at her beck and call and she would make art in the courtyard in the dark late at night with noone to bother her and if someone did she would bang the gong and that person would be fed to the crocks in the moat.

i have no clue really who she is but shes fucking awesome and i love her and im glad she made it to another birthday.

at least im hoping she has, bitch hasnt updated in a week.

happy birthday ladies, youve made my life far better because of your presence.

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