my vancouver girlfriend smelly danielly interviewed me last night

about my book Stiff – on sale now, hint hint

id never chatted with her before so i was pleasantly suprised with her awesomeness.


double sigh

anyways here is an excerpt of our interview of which you can find the whole thing here, well most of it, well… all the parts that are fit to print

Q: why kurt?

A: im an old man. when i was your age kurt was just coming up and i was on college radio so i was really close to grunge and all that.

i saw him come and go

similarily im extremely religious, so i always feared that he wouldnt get to go to Heaven since he killed himself, so i wanted to show somehow that he wasnt in Hell

Q: i liked that you did that…its nice to know that kurt could be in heaven… so you are extremely religious…catholic or christian?

A: i was raised catholic but as soon as i finished reading the Bible all the way through for the first time, i was all wtf – there was no mention of popes or nuns or confession or priests being celebate.

reading the bible made me believe that Catholicism is a joke so i became simply Christian

Q: ive never read the whole bible…but sometimes i question being catholic…it sometimes seems sketchy to me

A: the only reason i liked going to Catholic church was it was like a For Dummies experience: you knelt when they told you to, you stood when they told you to, but there was no soul there.

i was happy to be in a church, but there was no magic feeling going through the ritual.

when i was in college i wanted more.

Q: i totally agree with you. sometimes i feel as if i only go b/c i have done so since i was born…but not beacuse i actually want to be there

A: i think its ok to go, but i still havent found a church that is what i want it to be.

maybe i have to make my own, but it would be boring

we would just talk alot about the bible

and sing bob dylan songs

Q: hahah that would be a pretty sweet church.

when my mom read your book…she didnt know if you were actually making fun of catholics or if you were one

A: i dont think its fair to make fun of peoples faith – but in ridiculing the Catholics, im dissing the church, not the beliefs. the structure, the anti-biblical behavior, not the root which is Jesus is God.

Q: im totally on the same page as you

A: good lets make out

Q: haha…ok

in the book you mention the xbi…what is that?

A: when i first started writing the busblog i didnt want people to know that i worked at E! so i told them that i worked for an undercover agency that was a cross between the cia and the fbi, and because the busblog *could* be true, maybe i still work there…

the xbi are rejects from the marines and the fbi but they still want to fight crime.

my job was to work at a communications base thus, a tv network was assigned to me. i also flew a helicopter – chopper one.

but the problem with the xbi was there were a lot of bad apples there because we made our money by stealing from the criminals

so if you heard about cops “finding 100 bags of cocaine” odds are there were 150 bags
and the xbi took their cut

so the early days of the busblog is about me in that struggle of trying to be good but in this corrupt organization which is why i rode the bus

because i didnt want to flaunt my riches

since they were ill gotten

Q: wow…thats crazy…never knew that

A: i might re-release Blook, the first book from the busblog because a lot of people are like you, new to the busblog.

many older readers dont like that i dont talk about the xbi, but i stopped because too many people said they hated the xbi stories since they thought they were fake

i was all, ok…

which is why i love Stiff because right when you think its not about the xbi i fucking get you in the end, and explain that all of this was really the very begining of it

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