Lost and Sopranos Friday

ok this is what we’re going to do going forward.

lots of people like Ken Basart are good people but for some reason they’re behind watching the Sopranos. lots of people like Anna Kornikova are bad people and for some reason they’re behind watching Lost.

they write me and tell me that i screwed them over when i write about these two shows – my two favorite shows – before they get a chance to watch them.

this is what i recommend for everyone – catch up. you have a week to catch up. you need to catch up. that goes for you too mom. everyone needs to catch the f up because both of these shows are in 5th gear right now and since millions of people are actually on the program, properly, like yours truly, we cant really keep dragging our feet for the rest of the world.

what i will do on the busblog is on Fridays (or if i have my shit together – midnight on Thursdays) i will give my take in regards to the Sopranos and Lost.

so for those of you who havent caught up yet, go to my latest Coachella pre-write regarding UK darlings Art Brut and tell me what a great writer i am. and if youre not signed up for Buzznet, what the heck are you waiting for?

ok are we ready to talk about these two kickass shows? good lets go.

Sunday’s Sopranos to me was one of their best episodes ever. Tony was so open-minded regarding the Bible that even though he loves dinosaurs he even listened to the preacher present the very controversial ultra-Christian belief that there is evidence in the bible regarding dinosaurs walking around at the same time as man. and the idea that the Earth is only 6,000 years old.

meanwhile he befriends the soft-spoken old science guy who opens his mind about a lack of Heaven and Hell and a bigger concept of “everything is connected.”

i love the softer gentler tony soprano. still tough enough and boss enough to know to go downstairs and outside to broker the garbage deal – as opposed to in his hospital room while looking like an invalid – and cool enough to scoff when the rap star calls him “the original g”.

and i particularily love that as he gets softer those around him get meaner. namely Christopher and Paulie who even turns his back on his own mother/aunt.

but what really got me wasnt the boxing match where everyone was gathered around the tv as the science guy explained how even the boxers were tied together, but pink floyd being played at the end of the episode.

and as great as the Sopranos were, they werent better than Wednesday night’s Lost which also touched on metaphysics, “whats real, whats not real”, and why would anyone be sexually attracted to the fattest dude on the island.

poor hurley eating disorder was addressed in this episode, and the flashbacks were so smooth that for the first time ever i didnt mind when they whooooshed from the present tense to the past tense. probably because, to me, hurleys past is the most interesting past of anyones, because it seems like its the most present.

his relationship with the numbers and luck and insanity mean far more to me than Locke’s kidney or everyone else’s dark past.

what was interesting about this episode was, for whatever reason it started a few minutes late here in LA. i dont know if there was a car chase on the local news or what, but something pushed back the schedule a few minutes and my tivo stopped recording right when Hurley told the hottie that he was going to jump. so i had to download the torrent and watch it yesterday to see how she convinced him that she was real, and of course we see that she too had been in the wacko ward.

so the question is, does she love him for the right reasons, or is she somehow aware of his riches and wants some, or is she up to something else entirely?