im in austin agin

im drnuk. ive been rdinking for two days. drinking and eating. eating meat. bef. steak. ribs. tacos. today i had the most bedishoush tacos. ik also djed dan and saras wedding. all my friends have wonderful weddings. dan had his galstone out two days ago, and tonight he partied as long as everyone.

poeople liked my music except the people who worked there. they wanted me to stop. this old lady wanted ome to stop too. everyone kept talking about noise ordanences. i kept saying i thought this was texas i thought this was america i thought everytghing was louder in tesxas. i thought freedom run. i thought the bells were from hell heree. i thought texas were the national champs. i thought we were deep in the heart of texas.

they said yeah yeah but its ten pm and its sunday nioght so youve gotta stop that dj miusic.

but sara said bring it inside. so we set up in side and played the beasties and a whole lotta other sweet shit and everyone danced and jeanine flashed me her tits and that woke me up a little and no wonder djs are always smiling, the girls flash them.

sara couldnt have been more beautiful. dan wcouldnt have been more handsomee. saras brother and half sister cried as they said swet things on the mic. it was nice. sara it turns out went to harvard and a bunch of her hardverd friends were there. they didnt dance.

some old fashoiney guitar player played with his band and i think he plays with waylon or merle or somethone he was great. efverytghing was great. the wedding was super fast. the dancing was sporadic. im still drubnk. leah had to work, but she and i are gonna have Waffle House tomorrow. then back on the plkane,. then back to work. if youve noticed i travel a lot and work a lot anbd party a lot. abd people aske me what i do for bvuzznet how my life is whats going on and i never know what to say.

rock is the only answer

i eat shit drink shower and rock.

and then write to you.

and i really suyper a[[reciate all the sweet things that you all wrote in the comments of the last post, but i didnt write you to get all of that loive – i just wrote that this morning so my mom wouldnt be afraid that my plane crashed. i havent missed a day of bloging in a long time and i fklew on satyurday and somethimes she catches up on the busblog on weekends. sometoimes she worroies.

so anwyyays why did i wantt to go to grad school – so i could leaqran to write better and so i could then be qualified to teach someowhere., namely ucsbnn.

and yes i will apply aagian there. and maybe one or two other place.s but thanks so much for your sweet notes.

some pics of austin/partying more to come