today is good friday

happy good friday. because of all the traveling and working ive been doing i didnt even know that this weekend was easter until karisa asked me yesterday what i was gonna do for easter. i was all whens that.

she was all, its sunday.

when i got home from the office there was a package waiting for me on my doorstep.

it was my easter basket from my mom.

how did easter sneak up on me? and how did i make a deal with mc brown that i would work from home today. today is good friday, holiest day in the year for Christians.

i stayed up all night working. its 415am. funny thing about me is if i like what im doing and if i can do it all night i will do it all night.

but the funny thing about working for someone else is theyre likely to call you the next day and totally discount that you were up all night doing little things and some big things.

one of the big things i did was ask a few people to put that Coachella Blogad ad on their blogs. and lucky for me a few of em did it.

because this is good friday i cant really ask all of you to do it, but for those of you who have blogads and youd like to stoke your pal tone, i cant pay you anything, but i might be able to work something out, like i was thinking about holding a raffle for all the people who do it. or give away some tshirts or something.

all you have to do is email me your Offer Code in your blog ads thing. if you dont know where it is i can help you. anyways i shouldnt be selling or pitching or anything on Good Friday.

i should be thinking about the Lord. and how He died today. died with pretty much nobody believing in Him. died with probably just as many Romans believing as Jews. i have a feeling the Romans totally believed, thats why they were scared. you can tell if someone believes in you cuz theyre scared of you and they act mean. its like dogs dont bark at you if they wanna bite you, if they wanna bite you they bite you. if they want you to back off they bark. and the only reason they want you to back off is if theyre scared of you.

my mom got me a cubs baseball with a little clock in it. she also got me some cubs peanuts, and a tshirt that says lake geneva on it. and then of course the nice sized easter basket of candy and chocolate and stuff.

this morning i was awakened by the telephone ringing. the land line. no one good calls the land line in the morn so i let that fucker ring but then it was Chris, she left a message. she said she only had two minutes on her calling card and i jumped outta bed and tore through my house to the phone and i was all baby baby baby and we talked for thirty seconds. mostly i love you i love you too i miss you i miss you too. i was half asleep so i couldnt even think. i didnt get her to ask any questions. i knew her time was running short so what do you say?

oh i had so much to say too. i wanted to tell her i had just seen this thing about the elephant orphanage on 60 minutes. i wanted to ask her how the lions were. i wanted to ask her if she had masturbated in africa. im sure she would have said no but i wanted her to know that she was really on the phone with me and not some spy who had put cloroform over my mouth and was holding me for randsom in some underground lair.

i wanted to ask her if the phone books there were one or two pages. i wanted to ask her how many post offices there were in uganda since they had zero zip codes. i wanted to ask her how much a coke cost because thats my universal standard for the cost of living in a town. its fairly unscientific but… when i traveled around europe many moons ago in some towns a coke was a buck in some two bucks.

her voice was so clear and sweet. it sounded like she was doing well. she asked if she had gotten my text message and i hadnt. fuck! and then she was gone. no call backs cuz i didnt have her number.

i have caller id that speaks to you. in the old days it would have been my voice that would have said chris. but when its an out of the area number its the built in voice that says “this call is out of the area”. so i blow it off. i should always sleep with the phone next to me from now on since i have so many questions to ask her.

mostly i want to know how i can help. i always want to help. ive had a lot of jobs over the years and one thing that the mean bosses have misunderstood about me is at my core i want to help. im all about customer service. im also about telling people to fuck off if theyre fuckers but im mostly about helping. i dont think theres anything better than the behind the back bounce pass unless its the through the legs and through the defenseman’s legs bounce pass. and to me its the dude who makes the pass whose the star not the dude who gets the pass and lays it up.

and thats why steve nash should get the mvp this year, for the second year in a row. although mr ron artest is making a strong case for himself as before he was traded to the kings they were in dead last. now theyre poised to get the 7th slot in the playoffs with the lakers likely to get the final slot, and dont expect the kings to get knocked out immediately like my hometeam probably will.

its good friday and i miss you chris and i miss you wrigley and i miss you isla vista and i miss karisa and i will be having lunch with her at 1pm which means this will definately be a good friday.

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