after writing day after day about coachella bands

in typical fashion, it was fun today to switch it up a bit and f with the program.

the victim? one Franz Ferdinand.

however instead of writing about the band i wrote about the man. the archduke. the king of pain. the undersecretary of heredity. the martr who startred the war to end all wars.

even though i went to college for seven years i didnt find myself in many history classes because the girls in those rooms could see right through me. dont get me wrong, i have nothing against smart girls, but its hard enough to get a girl to let me up her skirt, i didnt need her to be serious when she said she had to study.

so i stayed in english classes with depressed girls who yearned for a knight to come riding through the forest on a pale horse. i of course had no horse but these young women could be wooed through pen and paper and i sure as shit had reams of those.

unfortunately i missed up on a lot of edjumacation, particularily about world wars and geography and politics and diplomacy and royalty so i had never heard of the real Franz nor did i care.

until today.

see at Buzznet when my job isnt to fly to foreign lands and throw parties, and when its not to find creative ways to get hoards of people over to our little picture show, ive been tapped to write about as many coachella bands as i can before april 28. the problem is what do you say about someone like franz ferdinand other than theyre from scotland and girls like to dance to them?

turned out there was a LOT to say about the real man, the tragic soul and his baroness but not royal-enough wife, there was a lot to learn about the history of the austrian/hungarian region, as well as the young anarchists determined to take down double F. but the most interesting part is what happened to those who tried to assasinate old Franz and the fella who was successful.

click here to read my version of history, which probably got some of the facts wrong, but like i said, when i should have been learning this shit i was splitting infinitives and trying to pretend like i meant to do it.

in other news the cubs got spanked today, i chatted with the beautiful ettiene, i noticed that the pants got naked on buzznet, leah got a new hairdo and i hope the color lasts two weeks when she will be my date for dan and sara’s wedding.

and lastly, today i was told that i have shot up from the mid 1,500s on Technorati to #312(!), which supposedly means there are only 311 blogs more popular than the one youre looking at. out of 33.9 million blogs i find that hard to believe, but i’ll take it. how far away is the busblog from reaching the Technorati Top 100? a thousand links from blogs that currently dont link here. thats a lot.

Sopranos Tuesday

dude using ipad in subway — i slept and slept and slept last night on account of all the traveling i did this weekend. the good news was i woke up early and watched the Sopranos this morning so sheild your eyes if you havent seen the episode yet.

tony is really getting softer on some accounts, but i love how he proved that he still has it over at the Bing when he took care of the muscle bound driver of his.

im hoping he told the dude what he was gonna do, but i liked it because, well, i know a thing or two about alpha males and if you remember the opening scene of 2001 there are some monkeys who sit on the outskirts of the circle, there are some who discover shit, there are some who bark at people, and then there are those who pick up the bone and use it as a tool. sometimes violently.

and then there are the monkeys who just mimic what the innovators do.

tony soprano is head baboon in charge. hes the innovator and the killing machine. thats what makes him so fascinating. christopher may throw in his 2 cents but tony doesnt wanna hear it. he didnt ask for it and he doesnt want to know what anyone else thinks. not because he doesnt know hes doing the wrong thing in some people’s eyes, but also because he’s been successful at what he does.

hes not in jail, hes not dead, hes not in court, hes not awaiting trial. hes got the band the girls and the money. so fuck christopher who doesnt have all his chips in the family business, fuck christopher who really would rather be writing screen plays and getting lap dances from the whores at the ‘Bing.

only tony knows how to conduct business right in front of the Man while using the elderly as a beard. only tony knows the fine art of saying no no no and then yes to those who he will need in the long run.

any ape can say no to everything, but the smart monkey knows when to say yes even when it might not be 100% in his best interest or involve risk or appear less-than-manly. and thats what i love about tony soprano, alpha males dont always have to hit people over the head with bones to prove that theyre the top dog, real alphas know theyre the man, and real alphas only use the whip when they have to, most the time they simply show the whip.

but what really makes tony a likeable character is his heart. in this episode the thing that he wants the most has nothing to do with money sex or power, it has to do with knowing that his mortal coil isnt infinate, that it has a begining and an end and that the end is nigh.

what tony soprano wants is a grandchild. preferably a grandson because the soprano blood might be running through his son but his son is a lunkhead loser, the good genes all went to meadow, and not just in the looks deptarment but also in the smarts. she knows she has an idiot boyfriend so when everyone keeps asking her when she’s gonna get married she laughs it off which is too bad because more than anything tony wants to hold a grandchild on his lap and peer into the future.

the only flaw i saw in the episode was that of the cops being cocks to the father of the bride. yes it needed to happen to show that crime doesnt pay, that even though the judge allowed the mafia boss a chance to see his daughter’s wedding it didnt mean that he could have a perfect evening. but if i was buschemi who directed this fine episode i would have had the cops give him a few more warnings that the clock was ticking. the way it went down it just looked like the cops were totally out of line and trying to embarrass everyone and ruin the wedding.

i would have put the responsibility on others as well that the ceremony was running too long and the cops were getting phone calls from the jail asking “whats going on, where is he?” the way it wound up it looked like it was the cops and only the cops who were the bad guys at wedding, and when youre surrounded by bad guys its crazy to only paint cops as the villans.

all and all good episode and i think i saw Vida dancing for Chris, or was i hallucinating?

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