can we talk about the sopranos yet?

ok good. last nights sopranos wasnt as gay as the last few episodes have been – not that theres anything wrong with that – but there were some heavy duty male bonding moments of dudes putting their heads on each others shoulders and telling them they loved them. which in some circles is gay.

the sopranos is obviously trying to shock us in ways other than thru violence and nudity and i think thats a good thing as we subscribe to hbo to be shocked and to watch the envelope get pushed.

but my favorite line was when tony walked into the bathroom and, in telling his associate that he was fucking up, said “youre doing a heck of a job, brownie.”

ah pop culture. ah bushie. ah brownie.

crazy thing about brownie is that history might be far more kind to him than it will be to bush, but the question is, how will history judge those who not only voted for the president but did it twice and then defended his nonsense in places like the blogosphere?

hopefully it will be as ruthless as this administration has been to human and civil rights.

watched a lot of tv this weekend because i needed to recharge my batteries. watched two episodes of entourage. watched mcgloughlin group and this week with george stephenopolous.

funny thing about george. in trying not to be liberal he comes across as phony and stiff and almost too much of an asswipe. only guy who can play the moderat perfectly is john mcgloghlin. damn i wish i could spell his name right. but he can talk to tony blankley that old fat faker so well and he even smiles earnestly when he calls on pat buchannon and poor emily clift has to shreik to get a word in edgewise. that show is so overlooked and so good. but have you noticed that john never looks at emily when he says his final trademark “bye bye”? i think thats cuz he has a crush on her. you dont look at the person you heart. little known fact.

now i know lots of you are chrisians and have an ongoing relationship with the Lord. our pal Karisa got an invite to a Playboy party at the mansion and because her boyfriend is always out of town, the odds of me being her guest are extremely high.

so today karisa sent in some photographs of herself because somehow that was required, and now we are waiting with baited breath to hear the results. so heres what i need you to do. i need you to pray. pray to your God. pray to all the Gods. hef is 80 freaking years old. my dream is to go to the mansion before he dies. i can think of no better date to go to the mansion with than karisa and i can think of no better time than the summertime when the playmates will be in their summertime best.

hell i might just start working out this second so i can get my 6-pack in shape, but the buzznet kids might get uncomfortable. so tonight i might do some curls and some pull ups and some sit ups. too bad karisa doesnt kiss girls because what a better way to trick a playmate into kissing you than by saying “ok i can get karisa to kiss you but only if you kiss me first.”

and you know how they say “now i can die fulfilled because i just did _____”? i could totally die fulfilled if i went to a real Playboy party at the mansion with hef and karisa.

damn straight.

so pray people. pray like youve never prayed before.

ethan the mighty + alistair was just there + bastard

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