i went to the dodger game tonight

with a man named asher who went to game 7 of the lakers suns game the other day.

asher is living the dream. he owns a rock club in austin, has ideals that he lives by, he stays kosher, and hes driving around the west following his favorite team, the LA Dodgers who today whipped andy pettite and the houston astros 14-7 in front of a capacity crowd who filled every seat on this, blanket night.

asher is in town until thursday when he will drive up through santa barbara, and then san francisco for a series and then off to colorado to watch the dodgers take on the rockies at coors field.

because asher has a heart of gold he doesnt believe that kobe bryant is responsible for the lakers loss in the first round of the playoffs, a warmup round in the rich history of the lakers. he scored 25 points, my man reminds me.

but kobe is a gentleman who showed the world he could score 81 in the regular season and 50 in the playoffs, if he thinks he can do it without Shaq, then you owe me at least 25 more points, show off.

attempting three field goals in the entire second half is not acceptable when your other alternatives is a guy named shmoosh and another guy named kwamie. yes kobe is also a funny name but its one that we have this season begun to associate with high point scoring. the scoring champ this year, if im recalling correctly.

fucking scoring champ fucking scores like a champ in fucking game seven, i dont care what everyone else is doing.

and thats why steve nash is my first pick for league mvp

and thats why elton brand is number two on my list

asher and i discovered that you cannot get a kosherdog any more at dodger stadium and i wonder if its because shawn green no longer wears the dodger blue.

we were forced to leave our loge section 113 seats of luxury to get to the reserved seats high atop chavez ravine and found veggie dogs, all beef dogs, chinese food, and spicy dogs, but no hebrew national or any other brand of kosher dog. it was a travesty.

the terrorists win again.

nomar garciapara had a double and a homer and should have hit two homers. bro’s back and looking good.

matt leinert was in attendence over by the dodger dugout but there was no sign of paris hilton anywhere near him.

asher and i confided in each other with our seperate plans for taking over the world and we both agreed that we’re doomed for amazing success.

which perhaps you should ready yourselves for.

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