random advice from karisa

me: ok check it
i saw a 12 pack of name brand condoms aat the 99 cents store
durex i think
ribbed for her pleasure
do ladies really get pleasure from those things
ps your answer will go on my blog

Karisa: haha- no, they don’t.
at least i never felt a difference
it all feels like latex to me!

me: its just enough to stare in the eyes of your lover as hes about to take you?
everything else is just butterflies and cupcakes?

Karisa: hahah- not maybe since i was 18

me: question two, should a man buy his condoms at the ninety nine cents store – even if its a name brand manufacturer like durex.

Karisa: well-
i’ve gotten them off of ebay
if they aren’t expired
don’t appear tampered-with
99 cent store is cheap
but they are large enough where they can be sued for selling defective materials
i don’t know if it is the same rule that applies to ‘salon hair products’- which are only guaranteed when sold in a salon
but i doubt that is the case

me: final question
condom ettiquette

some chicks dont like it when you flush the condom down their precious toilet
and some dont like it in toilet paper in their waste basket
what are your thoughts?

Karisa: well i don’t think you should flush it-
that isn’t good for the septic system
but it depends on their situation, i guess
involved and you shouldn’t be there?? [wink]

me: cough… magnum

Karisa: as long as it is in the garbage, wrapped, it is fine

me: thank you so much for your advice

Karisa: hahah- it is hardly advice [wink]
but your welcome

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