why matt good is no longer blogging on thought mechanics

by tony pierce. who doesnt know shit.

as you know i have a curious little friendship with one of your favorite rock stars. i dont really know why he likes the busblog, or me, or our phone conversations, but i like them and thats all that matters.

your hero is an incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, analytical and creative man. he’s also quite sensitive, somewhat emotional, and ridiculously talented. ive known my fair share of musicians and matt is the only one who ive never heard practice. and yet the times ive seen him play live, i didnt hear one guitar playing mistake. in fact rarely did i even see him look at his fingerings. hes a prodigy and a freak.

i did hear him loosen up his vocal chords in his apartment a few hours before soundcheck, so i checked off Human on my little pad.

he loves web design, and wordpress, and politics and hockey and his fans and his dogs, not at all in that order. his dogs are probably at the top of the list. hes very much in love with canada especially vancouver.

there are also many things he doesnt love. he doesnt love idiot commentors on blog posts. he doesnt love wrenches being thrown at him at concerts. and he also doesnt like most of what the Bush Administration has done to not only iraq and america, but the rest of the world.

me, im a little more mellow about all of that shit. but guess what, mellow dudes write really dull tunes. the more sensitive and uptight you can get, the better your music, ive noticed. which is why i suggested that bruce springsteen get out of his mansion and back on the backstreets where he can crank out some better records like he used to.

now again, i dont pretend to know matt. we’ve hung out a few times in canada, once here in LA, we’ve spoken on the phone maybe a dozen times, maybe more, and i am still a novice when it comes to most of his music. but when we talk, he is an open book, quite honest, always frank, and speaks from a place of real history and passion.

when he writes that doesnt always come across because you cant hear his tone, and you cant grasp the speed at which his mind works. but its fast. its fast and its true.

when a dumbshit commentor waltzes through the busblog and drops a load of bullcrap in this holy space, sometimes i get a little upset, sometimes i just let it go – especially if one of you tell the ignorant prick to piss off. matt remembers it, gets idignant, and focuses his energies on the asswipe for a good four or five minutes. i tell him they’re not worth even five seconds, but matt obviously didnt spend 10 years smoking pot every day like moi. hateful ignorant shit affects him as it would affect most humans. it bothers him.

meanwhile he’s also deeply engrossed in writing a new record. the creative process may be one thing to you, a different thing to me, but when you talk about the process for a man who has made a career of being creative its an entirely different deal. something i have no understanding about. matt’s got no second job or real estate development deals, all his chips are on his music, and his music isnt about selling records, its about being real and raw and full of passion. he walks a very difficult tightrope, far above the clouds.

finally matt is a leader. he can be a team player, but his most comfortable role is that of the boss, which is fine because every group needs a boss. when it comes to blogging and design and styles and come-froms, he enjoys changing shit up a lot. anyone who has seen the mblog over the last year saw a variety of unique looks and designs. if his blog were a woman it would have been jennifer garner in alias. constantly changing, always sexy.

so matt isnt blogging any more at thought mechanics because that is his choice. he is writing a new record for you and he has been dedicated to that endeavor for a little while now and he needs to focus up.

hes got no time to bother himself with distractions or designs or dumbshits even those in power at the white house and parliment. hes a rock star with rock songs that need to get out there.

my guess is when he returns to blogging he will probably do it on the mblog which he put on hiatus while he blogged over at thought mechanics. but who knows. one reason i like matt is hes full of surprises.

because we now have an extra slot open at thought mechanics, prettyboy ben allbright phoned me today to let me know that theron and he agreed that he would be writing at thought mechanics starting very soon. me, i will try to write more over there, but politics depresses me, but thats something ive gotta get over.

as for matt, i invited him to guest blog over here at the busblog whenever he wants to as long as its not about politics. unless he’s calling someone in dc a cocksucking fuck, a phrase i dont believe ive seen him type before.

anyways, some of you have emailed me about this situation and some have left comments and after exchanging an email with matt i figured that this would be a good place to let you know that matt is working on a record and he wants it to be good because he loves you. the end.

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