for halloween im going to be a gay runway model

the plan is to head up to isla vista tomorrow afternoon but first totally go shopping at the oxnard outlets. omg.

today im going to see the dixie chicks movie because nbc is daring me too. pretty brilliant if you ask me.

south park was pretty brilliant the other day. people are uptight about it because they make fun of steve irwin the crocodile wrestler even though in this episode we see a white kid calling a black man “nigger”, the archdioses of LA equipped with small boys on leashes trying to crash Satan’s Halloween, adolph hitler dressed as the Can You Hear Me Now guy, and john wayne gacy jeffery dahmer and ted bundy in a three stooges mini sub plot.

while totally spoofing my super sweet 16.

and honda.

ive said it before ill say it again, the kids today have everything. they have no reason to ever complain about shit. when i was their age we sure as hell didnt have cartoons with priests with small boys on leashes.

meanwhile nbc wont air a commercial? i cant wait to be president.

i also cant wait until barack obama is president. think nbc will protect him from commercials that attack things that he does or says?

tomorrow is my man pitt‘s wedding and im sad that i cant be there with him and the other canadians but i will get drunk and piss in the street in his honor, and that of his lovely bride to be, the outlaw

have fun kids!

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