today howard stern is on the internet for free

you can access it by clicking here.

jackie the jokeman is part of the free trial. you can hear his Joke Hunt show today. its pretty horrible. but sometimes thats funny. heres a joke he told a few weeks ago while i was on the road listening to Sirius 8 hours a day:

“how do you get a gay guy to fuck a girl?
fill her pussy with shit.”

jackies not the reason that people are signing up to sirius.

i watched the Joan Rivers stand up on Bravo. pretty good. shes got tons of energy. i dont know how she does it. seems like she remembers her jokes pretty well still. i usually love her but some of the jokes fell flat. still shes fearless and i love that about her.

its been two days and i still havent gone to santa barbara yet. theres been two days of non stop news coming into the LAist email box. only a fool would drive to SB for no real good reason just for a little news piece that even the college paper isnt interested in.

turns out theres a bunch of kids sleeping under storke tower every night to protest a few things up there including an apartment complex that kicked everyone out, affirmative action, and a missing $3.2 million.

nothing juicy. i might just wait till friday when i hope to go to IV for halloween.

im prepared to go as Borat in that one piece bathing suit of his.

i miss traveling a great deal. a good friend could be using my place if i wasnt using this place. its very sad.

because i like to sit on the couch and eat and listen to music while i type, today i realized i could easilly just rent the garage of a rich person’s house. a garage they dont use any more and remodeled.

the only things that disturb me are the weird noises from around the grounds. weird slammings and clompings. people yelling. all i want is a little peace and quiet to get my nonsense together.

today i wrote a headline about the Kenny Rogers cheating scandal that maybe three people got, but whatever. plus two blogs that i love linked to it so maybe they were two out of the three.

smudge fisked.

i laughed and got a bucket of shrimp and put it under hot water for a few minutes and laughed some more.

then i microwaved a potato and cracked open a can of coke.

best sound ever not emitted from a woman.

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