a little lump of coal

i saw menomena last night at the troubadour and i forgot that you can just sit in the bar in the back and see the band perfectly and thats exactly what me and this writer for laist did, we just drank beers and watched these dudes sorta play sorta experimental music but not really.

it was sold out and the fans sorta seemed in to it, maybe they were all like me, there to see what the hype was all about and waiting for something but if you ask me nothing happened.

i liked the baritone sax and eating shrimp tacos afterwards

but the music wasnt experimental enough for me and the tacos werent spicy enough

maybe i have seen it all and done it all already.

fortunatly we had a third writer there who reviewed the show so i spared the world my headline which would have been


if they really wanted to be experimental they would have brought this dude on to sing with them.

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