ok so heres the deal.

because i have no ads going right now. and because i dont owe anyone shit,

this summer this busblogs going to be all nswf all summer long.

oh i cant read you at work now tony?

sorry baby.

art has always leaned more towards the nipple than the bible so see ya in the fall.

until then summer beings with mrs maggie gillenhall and her little baby.

secretary was one of the hottest movies id ever seen, with my pants on. and whoever that little kid is, he wont appreciate that movie because who wants to see their mom on all fours?

paris hilton will be in jail now 11 days.

how have you grown in the last 11 days?

today i got out of the house and did some photo journalism.

i talked to a bunch of people who had been sitting in line since saturday so they could get the new white stripes record.

but better than that, the first 200 people who got the record at that store also got free tickets to see the white stripes play at that store

but it wasnt any regular old store, it is the famous tower records on sunset

famous for being a place where cool instores like weezer played occassionally

and where axl rose worked while he was trying to get it together in la.

talking to the people made me realize that i have to get my camera working properly.

not my digital cam, my video cam.

the other night a young lady came over and said i want you to video me giving you a lap dance and i said im sorry but my batteries are dead and i dont know where the charger is and i dont know how to upload the iso files and i dont know how to edit it

and she said hows a young exhibitionist gonna make it if even tony pierce wont exploit me properly?

and thats when i realized that this summer should be nsfw

and that i should figure out my camera situation.

tomorrow im seeing sea wolf.

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