today is my one year anniversary at LAist

i know my job there is a happy thing to everyone except the readers of the busblog, but it is my dream job, it has made me very very very content, it has given me unbelievable opportunities (like being able to drive around the country to meet some of you), and i have done some pretty cool things over there.

in a year we’ve tripled the size of the staff and quadrupled the hits. all at a minimal amount of financial expense. and magically the ads have multiplied in price and number of sponsors.

the only loser in the mix has been the busblog, my true love.

but sometimes you have to sacrifice your foreskin to prove that youre part of the team.

and then slice off the foreskins of your enemies.

which ive gladly done.

and will present to you next year at this time.

in the meantime heres a super long interview that i just did with former LAist editor Carolyn who grills me about my year, the busblog, and my schedule

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