Hi Tony-

Just saying hi. Hoping everything with your new job is still going well…. You ceased your “raving” about it on your blog, so I hope it’s still okay….


dear me,

hi baby. thanks for writing. first of all lemme tell you how great your blog is. i read it all the time and not only is it always a treat, but its so much better than so many other blogs out there.

its sexy and funny and disgusting and real and quirky and sometimes drunken and beautiful and weird.

you continue to amaze me because youve done things that all bloggers should strive for: you have found your own voice and you have rocked it. so kudos!

as for my job. i fucking love my job. it is such a dream come true and almost every day the dream gets better and better and better.

its almost like having a new girlfriend where at first you cant believe that the prettiest girl in school actually knows you, let alone wants to make out.

when that happens all you wanna do is write about it.

but then things get hotter and heavier and you go to pick her up to take her to the movies and you put your hand on her thigh as you drive and she puts your hand under her hemline and you feel something, whats that, omg garters? and you never make it to the movies. and you realize that the cutest girl in school is sorta a closet freak. either that or she totally loves you. or maybe both.

but its so new and you’ve been around the block a little yourself so you know to keep most of all of this under your hat, publicly at least. like maybe you’ll tell some of your boys, and she’ll tell some of her girls. but you dont tell everyone, not at first at least, cuz its crazy beautiful and its not like youre the type that believes in the lame concept of jinxing things

but there is a time and a place for everything.

and on monday you should come back to the busblog because she said that i can say something about our relationship or whatever this is then. but its something you will never believe and you will totally be blown away by, and maybe even a little proud but you shouldnt be proud, just happy, cuz its rad as hell.


love you back,


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