im sad

i wish i could explain why. i wish i could just write everything that i feel right now and why and because of who, and everything.

and even though nothing in here is true, nobody cares.

what i want you to know is this. i love blogging. i love my job. i love you, my readers. i love pretty much everything.

i love that its quiet right now in my office and cohort is out sick and doesnt have to deal with me right now in the state im in.

i love that i have a half hour to get back into a mindset to rock. i love that i will be going to sxsw to learn and meet new people and hang with cool people and omg write for my employer about the newest bands from all over the world.

i love that me and karisa had sushi last night and kept ordering more and more and drank saki and beer and ate more and caught up and smiled and laughed.

i love that my house is a mess and soon my maid will show up and clean it all up.

i love that my man matt welch, against all odds, spent a huge chunk of last year researching and writing a book about John McCain. and now he will probably sell a gazillion books because everyones gonna wanna know all the dirt on the republican nominee and matt wrote it all down in a funny and informative manner.

i love that im healthy. i love that im starting to eat right. i love that my mom got sent home from work today because the snow was starting to pile up in chicago.

i love that shaq is baq in the western conference. i love that the cubs havent made any stupid moves this winter. i love that i have a corner of a kleenex in my nose because i got a bloody nose from blowing it too much and now people probably think im a coke addict.

i love that i have a half bottle of warm coke on my desk. i love that i have my own office. i love that im wearing a cowboy shirt. i love that i get to type and type and type to you and most of you will read it.

i love that ashley and i are friends again and i have a package for her but its too big for the box and its sitting here on one of my many drawers in my office that i dont use. i love that im practically paperless.

i love that im feeling better.

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