one reason i am so bored with movies

is because life is way complicated

for years when i thought about the LA Times i thought of this stodgy old crusty institution where the dudes wore top hats, sported handlebar mustaches, and busted with the monocles even if they didnt need em.

but the truth of the times is that depending on what part of the building youre in you will either see people in suits, people in dress shirts and jeans, or people in jeans and tshirts. likewise the interior decoration is totally different on the 2nd floor which is ultra modern to the 3rd floor which is classic and olde to the 5th floor which looks like a dot com to the 6th floor which is classy old.

the one bond is everyones a pro and everyone wants the same thing – success for the paper – and by the paper i mean the actual papers (we have several) and the online ventures. of course when youre talking about 1,000 people you probably have 1,000 points of view as to how to achieve success, but thats totally normal.

last month the LA Times’ most popular blog, Top of the Ticket, broke a new LAT record by attracting 1,648,673 page views. meanwhile the LA Times dot com site reached a milestone in February. despite the short month we broke 100 million page views.

my boss meredith gave a little speech, everyone smiled, and champagne was popped… but it was a little bittersweet because, like pretty much every paper in the nation, we are all going through an extremely emotional period in the history of newspaper journalism. nearly every paper youve ever heard of has recently had to cut its staff – some drastically.

so although we clicked our plastic cups to celebrate yesterday we also clicked them to honor those who stepped down this week and those who will be asked to go in the coming weeks. trust me when i say that many of us wanted to drink that bubbly and keep drinking for hours, for many reasons – happy and sad- but it was election night and the show had to go on,

and many had to stay in the office putting out the paper.

and by the paper i mean all the papers and web sites.

i love my job and the people i get to work for and with.

and today was a pretty rad day as well.

one of the cool things working where i do is

i get to talk to people who were actually There

randy harvey covered the lakers in the 80s and was There when Marvin sang the star spangled banner better than anyone ever before the NBA All Star Game

he said he was 30 feet away from Marvin and the chills were even bigger in person than what people like me felt thousands of miles away via television

i dare you not to get chills even via youtube