i went to the Digg party last night

so much fun.

are we friends? can i sorta drunk bliog except ist hangover blogg? k. hai.

last night i met mark cuban whose way taller and fitter than i expected. and nicer.

of course the only thing i asked him about was the kareem blog. have you read it? no. will you read it? hell yeah.

k. okn next point? will you buy the chicago cubs? maybe.

cuban says that sam zell wont disclose everything thats necessary to know how much the team is worth and how much debt they ha ve and how myuch its earning. cuban says zell is being secretive. but mayube zell doesnt know.

i was all details deatalis just buy them please. please PLEASE!

then i was pulled away from him. i took some pics but on the good one the flash freaked him out cuz he blinked.


i met a nbice girl who was from boston so sa soon as i said i was a cub fan she said this conversation is over. (pic)

many people were there. the bands were pretty gloomy. the crowd was good. people were wtrying to jump over the fence. the kids were dressed more like Music than Interactive. kevin rose was super nice. we chatted for a breif second. i said. could you please tell your bro Cuban to buy the cubs?

moby was there but hiding out in the VIP. only in LA would there be a VIP area in a tent. oh wait this isnt LA?

my friend Aubrey put together the party in 3 days according to Valley wag who gave mer major props. she deserved it. but they didnt mention her killer dress.

mama mia!

heres my quickie rundown of the picture above. (which you can Digg here)

also heres my short list for today:

2pm Quiet Company – Light
3pm We Barbarians – Austinist/Gothamist party – Mohawk
4:45pm Cool Kids – the Peacock
5:10pm Ravonettes – Emos
6:45pm Yacht – Levi/Fader Fort
8pm Bad Rackets – Red Eye Fly