today is me and jeanines anniversary

even though we broke up a long time ago, longer than some of you have been alive. jeanine and i still call each other on st paddys day as thats our anniversary for when we first started going out.

we met in the newsroom of the daily nexus. she was so very shy. she had long hair over her eyes like Cousin It. but she wrote so beautifully that i had to meet her. we went on several dates that were horrible because her wall was up so high.

but then she played guitar for me one rainy day and i saw what was behind that wall and it was wonderful.

so i fed her copious amounts of drugs and alcohol which he asked for, no i swear, and when she was in an acid induced tunnel of possibilities mumbling how much she wanted to break out and reach out i said hmmmm that sounds like a girl who wants to get a kiss and she said some gibberish and i kissed her and every since we have been if not bf/gf the best of friends.

jeanine inspired me so much in my life, i wrote my best poetry because of her, i wrote my best college journalism because of her, and in many ways i learned how to be a better boyfriend because of her. not that im a very good one, but i learned what i need to work on.

if only i had used the time that i was with her to learn how to play guitar, as she is a marvel. and i love her and i miss her and i wish her the best in san dieger.

i love you bay bay!

for the next few days i will pretend like im still in austin


but sadly im back in LA, which doesnt suck except i cant seem to find my shwag bag that has some important things in it. but never you mind. heres a pic of nbc austin anchor michelle valles, her lovely producer haley, and some bozo, enjoying the afternoon at the filter party.

if it wasnt for my pal samantha barnes, i would have probably never have truly loved sea wolf, and if it wasnt for sea wolf i would have never been at the filter party, and if not for the filter party i wouldnt had seen kate nash, who invited billy bragg on stage for a few songs, and if not for all of that i wouldnt have met michelle and haley who turned me on to the best female guitarist ive ever seen in my life, carolyn wonderland, who i wrote about on the LAT’s Soundboard.

yes we are having some formatting problems on that blog, but i blame the awesomeness of ms wonderlands’ licks.

anyways heres that story featuring some video that you’ll love.

and heres one more story, after sea wolf kate nash billy bragg, i walked two blocks and saw 2 Live Crew, who were totally filthy disgusting juvenile and obscene, thus rad. id never seen them before and even without Luke Skyywalker they were pretty funny. they invited a bunch of girls on stage and they started booty shaking and grinding and one particular babe got all freaky and got groped and did not care one damn bit.

that sexual energy spread to the crowd. somehow i ended up at first behind two of the biggest douches ever. and of course they were big white dudes who had drunken way more than they should have so they were trying to dance and their arms keep hitting me and every time i thought i could get around them i failed.

one of them had this really cute blonde girlfriend, or so i thought. as i maneuvered around one of them i accidentally rubbed up against her. she rubbed right back. the dope who i thought was her boyfriend just kept doing some weird 80s whiteboy dance and the girl started kinda grinding up against me.

im telling you the sexual energy was immense. girls were grinding each other, people were making out. one couple was basically going at it with the dude reaching down the chick’s pants.

now the 2 live crew are not great rappers, their songs arent much more than “sucky sucky, oooo sucky sucky”, but there is something about the party atmosphere that they produce, and the fact that they are having Fun with sex that makes it ok to just be fucking stoopid in the crowd. so yes i basically got a standing lapdance from this college chick while i was trying to take pics of the show.

definately the polar opposite of the sweet, beautiful, dulcet sounds of sea wolf, billy, kate, et all at filter. and one reason i will love austin forever.

but dont think for a minute that if Ice Cube hadnt been closer, i wouldnt have bailed out and checked out the niggayoulovetahate, as he is my boy.

today at work i will be so so busy. i tried so hard in my hotel to tie up loose ends so that i wouldnt be slammed with backed up work, but to no avail, seemingly nothing wanted to get completed, in fact more shit popped up. so pray for me argentina while i pretend im back on 6th and Red River with my beer, falafel, and you.