i feel sorry for the people who dont get it

i feel sorry for people who use IE. i feel sorry for people who dont blog – as in really blog. i feel sorry for people who dont take pictures of their lives and share them. i feel sorry for people who dont understand and embrace web 2.0. i feel sorry for assholes, particularly those who dont listen to death metal. i feel sorry for anyone who hasnt been kissed by a girl in her teens this century.

but most of all i feel sorry for people who see the future and dont see themselves in it in a big way.

this thing that im in, this sxsw thing, is not just about the future its about the present. there were two big huge keynotes over the last two days. the first was on sunday with the twentysomething yr old founder of facebook who was offered a half billion for his site and said no and was offered over a billion for his shit and said ha and today his site is allegedly worth 15 billion dollars and he still isnt selling out.

gen y taking a chapter outta the book of gen x which is fuck you and your fucking money. shove it up your ass and lemme help you.

the other big huge keynote was with frank warren who spoke with yours truly for a few minutes after he spoke to thousands. ps i love my job. whats so important about frank is he created a space for people to share their deepest darkest secrets and according to this man we all have at least one secret that will make us cry or make the world cry or make people say holy crap man. whats important about his blog and his site and his books are they are the epitome of User Generated Content. they are the example of Anonymous and the power of the human spirit when the ego gets set aside and the Story gets raised where it should be: up high for all the kids to see.

i feel sorry for people who dont understand that this world is changing so fast that even the world doesnt know how to react or what to call it or what to do. the only thing you can’t do is think you can stop the progress. the signal cannot be stopped. the tick tock of the clock cant be untocked. nor should it be. there certainly was an asswipe somewhere back in the day who said fuckit you people can try to cross the mississip im gonna stay right here in virginia

like a bitch.

dont stay in virginia, virginia. come out to cali. keep xploring. keep climbing the sierras. keep trekking across the great divide. keep meeting new girls and keep kissing them,

when its an open bar at a canadian hosted party order doubles and tip triple

when its an open internet with very few rules floor that fuckr and close your eyes and use the force luke and head for the light.

i feel bad for every single person who still thinks this is the 20th century.

i feel so bad for anyone who can read these words and doesnt appreciate the system of zeros and ones and men and women who brought it to them.

many of whom are young.

most of whom only want good in this world.

most of whom when given light and water will grow like noones business.

and will only grow faster when fertilized with bullshit so keep crapping on the youth of america and see what your devious cockblocking does for you.


what you resist persists.

what you avoid


im a man and im a boy im eighteen and I LIKE IT

there are many great parties here at SXSW,

google did not throw one of them

someone you know has the scoop. An excerpt:

The music was awful, a barrage of all the most repulsive sounds and beats from Techno’s Most Annoying Hits. Except these were never hits. It was music that defenders of waterboarding deem inhumane. Numbers that make “Sister Ray” sound like Mozart. The Boredoms would have shielded their ears from the noise. No amount of free liquor could have made up for the shoulder-to-shoulder masses of people having to withstand the industrial “musics” that would have even made robots queasy.

funny thing was, since so many people wanted to go and get in, most people didnt have to experience the cruddiness. they were the lucky ones.

sara lacy tells Austin 360 how she felt about the Zuckerberg fiasco

blames the fact that this is a “developer’s conference” (it is?), says that she and the Facebook founder went over the questions beforehand is that professional?), says her Amazon ranking went up because of it (silver lining), and mumbles something about how the backlash has something to do with sexism because she’s one of the few women reporters covering Tech. yikes.

can someone say clueless?

austin 360 also has this, some of the most valuable video of the week, footage from the deal

for a roundup of how many in the blogosphere are talking about it, check out Techmeme

my cohort at the Times, David Sarno has a bit of audio from the interview on Web Scout