because im a freak i think of work non stop.

after the cheerleader passed out i flipped on part two of Bush’s War on Frontline last night. so good.

and you know what my “takeaway” was? i hate that word, btw. my takeaway was i dont wanna be an unorganized dipweed who doesnt have a plan, who doesnt understand whats up with the world that im sticking my dick into, who cant explain what just happened and whats about to happen.

i am in charge of over 30 blogs. and as the chickie snored the most adorable dreams of daffodils and butterscotch cocktails i started putting together three-ring binders so i could start tracking and noting and documenting the ups and downs of each of these blogs. how insane is that?!>!?!

instead of just learning about recent history, or trying to understand human psychology, or political agendas; or instead of diving back into typical carnal rewards, there i was in the wee hours in my pajamas trying to organize and summarize and categorize everything that is going on in blogs that most of you dont even care about.

sometimes i wonder if you even care about this one, the greatest one of them all.

but this one doesnt put pearl necklaces on starlets so fuckit, i guess.

before i tell you what i really wanna tell you, which is something i read off Metafilter just know, which is that the Library of Congress just got its hands on some sweet ass baseball crap from over 100 years ago.

what i wanna tell you is, lets say you work at a dry cleaning establishment and you see the same guy who always comes into your place. lets say he always brings in some slacks and some shirts and he pays in cash in advance.

lets say you are doing a task like putting plastic over the newly dry cleaned articles, or youre stapling receipts together, or you’re organizing the hangars…

don’t make that regular customer wait for you as you do your task. dont let him stare at you and then the clock and then back at you. say hi tony. say thanks for your money. say thanks for new money. say i can get back to my other work when youre not here handing over cold hard cash.

lets say you do that next time, k?


in other news the LAT Travel Blog published this little post i wrote about these 400 MPH Hand Driers that are now at LAX.

whats great about them is it only takes about 10 seconds, it doesnt burn, and you dont have to touch shit. all you do is stick your hands down into the wacky device, the air automatically starts blowing LIKE CRAZY and as soon as you pull your hands out theyre magically dry!

so awesome.