todays lineup of love

2:30p – Lemonheads
3p – Billy Bragg
5p – Pop Candy Party
7p – Witch
8p – Ting Tings
9p – Hank IV (for a quick second)
9p – Quiet Company
9:30p – Does it offend You, yeah
10p – Rogue Wave
10p – The Submarines
11p – Be Your Own Pet
midnight – J. Mascis
12:45a – Thurston Moore
1a – N.E.R.D.

yesterday me and lou reed were walking across a crosswalk. he was wearing Nikes. he had just rocked the lou reed tribute show at the fader fort. he looked like his feet were hurting.

carrying punk on your shoulders will do that to you.

later i saw michael stipe cruising down the same lou reed street with a cap way over his head and ears and almost eyes. he had three women around him. they were gabbing. i was talking to the dude you are seeing in the pic above and below, a young guitarist of a band youve never heard of – yet, the Scarlett. theyre the opening act of the KCRW/SPIN party today at Stubbs. from the press release which loves all caps:


anyways when i saw stipey walking with his ladies i whispered to rob, here comes REM. bro was all, huh?

as they walked past all you could hear were the ladies blathering on and i yelled “you rocked last night mike!”

a few seconds later, in that oh so familiar voice, we heard “thank you!”

later that night right before taking that pic above with perry i was all, yo perry i saw you play harder stadium at ucsb in 1988 and you insulted all of us beautifully saying “dont you people have mid-terms?”

perry smiled and said, “i was wearing green boots”.

to match his green dreads.

fucking twenty years ago and that dude remembers every detail.

more details about last night on soundboard in about an hour after i take a gigantic crap.

people think im all that

they see the fancy pictures with me with the guitar heroes at the playboy parties at the sxsws and they think fucking a tony has it made.

little do they know that i met tom morello, michael stipe, lou reed, several playmates, several up n comers, perry farrell, his wife, his guitarist, steve aoki, i saw motorhead, i saw justice, i saw moby

and still tonight when i go to sleep i will think about the girl who said she wanted to party with me

but then stood me up at 1am

thru a text message

that broke my heart.

bloggers arent gods, no matter how many comments they get.