since tomorrow im gonna be at usc all day

maybe today would be a good day for our Ask Tony segment (put your questions in the comments below)

and while you do that, here’s some action happening on the LA Times today:

best headline on a blog – Mist Connections, LA Now

best headline about an interesting story on one of our blogs – Leave Britney a Loan, Fark

biggest mea culpa youve ever seen in the LA Times – Times apologizes about 2pac story

best video on Funny Pages 2.0 today

Kareem interviews Donald Trump

is it me, or is “hot for teacher”

sped up version

of “la grange”?

go to 1:27 of the van halen video and tell me that thats not really close to the riff of la grange – and then both songs break into the rock out.

coincidence, probably…

until you hear Van Halen from their early club days actually covering “la grange”, a riff that eddie learned and obviously never forgot

i wonder if zz got a cut of the 1984 hit?