color me depressed

a canadian angel is now back to where she belongs. back to the igloos and eskimos. back to the land of poutine and waterfalls.

back away from me.

miss suzie reynolds flew in a week ago and flew out this morning. when i first met her i was all wow. when we hung out over new years i told her i loved her. after we drove through the desert i started to believe it.

i meet a lot of people. rarely do i connect as quickly as i did with her. rarely when they leave am i sad and glum like i am now. rarely do i not wanna go back home.

suzie hates lots of the things that i love. lots of the things im all aboooot. lots of the things that are in my heart but i didnt care. i still dont care.

this morning we were tangled up and she was discombobulated and she took her elbow and slammed it behind her into my eye. i kissed her elbow, popped my eyeball back into the socket and went back to spooning and snoring. an hour later she punched me in the jaw, rattling a few teeth. beyonce sang about being dangerously in love, i wonder if jay-z wears a helmet to bed.

the crazy thing is, the more i got to know her the more i liked your girl suzie and the more i liked her the more i told her i liked her and the more disgusted she became in me. but sometimes you realize that youre old and you dont care if the sunset is oblivious to you, you still wanna look at it, you still wanna warm yourself in it, you still wanna applaud it. youre still amazed by it.

last night karisa wanted to have sushi so me and suzie met karisa at this great place and we ate and drank and the girls got along really well. suzie said in her brutally honest way, “you know i was expecting a lot of really beautiful women here in LA, but i didnt see any until i saw you.” we all drank our saki and toasted and karisa blushed.

later we wanted to continue our buzz and the girls wanted to dance so we settled on manhattan beach where all the wrong people were in the totally wrong bar but we danced anyway. and drank. and no it didnt suck to have two super hot ladies to dance with.

coachella totally impressed our girl, santa barbara completely wowed her, and she said that even the randoms at venice beach treated her nicely, which means that probably the most annoying thing about her trip out here was me.

and i know that she is bringing her friends and family some little treats back home, but she gave me the best one this afternoon.

she sent me this text message: “Hey Tony, i forgot one of my belly rings on ur bed. Im so hungover. Thanx 4 everything. Bye :):)”

i couldnt miss her more.