Ask Tony, midweek edition

Dave asks: Have you had trouble transitioning from your “no caps freeflow writing style” to the “I work for the LA Times and have to have good punctuation and grammar” style?

believe it or not but im a trained writer. i have a poetry degree and everything. it says literature but it was poetry for years and years and years. also secretly i wrote hundreds of articles for our college paper. and i wrote love letters, essays, short stories, long stories, emails, chapbooks, novellas, hate mail, and research papers.

like my love of particular women, i can turn the ee bukowski sukenick salinger on and off with the flick of a switch. it helps that im partially insane. but i always appreciated picasso and warhol. both could draw and paint “straight” and then when they wanted to get weird they could flick that switch and let it all hang out.

that isnt to say that i feel 100% comfortable with the busblog now that i have this job of relative importance. and im not sure that my job is comfortable with the way the busblog could appear to outsiders if that switch was flicked. but fortunately for all parties involved im a very old man with very little to prove anymore and i have absolutely no reason to self destruct via blogging. it would make my mom cry.

also i used capital letters on LAist for a few thousand posts. the pinky on the shift key isnt all that hard, for me at least.

panajane asks: I’m late! But I’ll ask anyway: If you could travel anywhere, anytime (present, past, future) where would you go and would you take the Delorean or the Star Trek way?

On weekends do you wake up before or after noon?

if i could travel anywhere in the past, i would see any led zeppelin concert during any one of their tours. even the earliest shows when jimmy was playing a telecaster seemed amazing. i would take the delorean because the star trek way didnt always work.

on weekends, because im so old, and because i sometimes get lucky, i almost always wake up well before noon, regardless of what time i fall asleep.

* * *

today is carlisa’s birthday and i miss her very much as she was one of the coolest people ive ever met and im very happy for her that Pink Cookies is still alive and doing (quite) well.

carlisa is a total babe and a complete rockstar