Q. Yo, Tony, who is the band or singer in the new iTunes commercial?

A. that would be the Ting Tings

the band i told you about in february and then interviewed in texas in march

in april they released the official video of “That’s Not My Name”:

this is the iTunes commercial featuring “Shut Up and Let Me Go”:

and this is the Ting Tings doing “Shut Up…” live at SXSW at the Bat Bar:

which shouldnt be confused with the Stones’ “Let Me Go”, best seen in their Lets Spend the Night Together film

this was my interview with them (sorry it was dark and not the best sound)

a tale of two candidates

two of the most popular (and influential) websites had two big stories today. the drudge report currently has an awe-inspiring photo as its lead story of barack obama speaking to 75,000 people in oregon

Meanwhile Digg’s #1 story today on its site is a video of John McCain in, lets say, a contradictory series of moments. the diggers are calling it McLol, or his “YouTube Problem”

someone had a very good day today, someone had a very bad day… on the internet, at least.

photo via barackobama.com

5, 4, 3…

yesterday in the home where six months ago we celebrated friendsgiving, many of those same friends returned to celebrate matt and emmanuelles return to LA and the fact that they will have a little girl in about a month.

children were everywhere, music and great conversations permeated the screams, cries, and nudity.

it was a beautiful place to be on a beautiful day.

just ask charlie and baby bea