dont really go to movies much

but everyones been going nuts over Iron Man and the cougar wanted to go and i felt good after work and there i was at the arclight with a hot lady and some extra cash in the etrade account thanks to ENER which went outta control today (thank you solar panels), so why not.

no it didnt live up to the hype that everyone else was saying. i have no idea why people are going 2-3 times, but i did like it, a lot. but maybe because iron man is named Tony and they kept saying Tony like a gazillion times. gwenyth paltrow, jeff bridges (who looks a lot like the trib co owner sam zell), the pimp from hustle & flow, everyone was yelling out Tony. it was like a Make Yr Own Adventure.

plus iron man lives in malibu and listens to ACDC, and well, lets just say it spoke to me.

afterwards we snuck into this club behind amoeba and danced a few songs and had a drink. which led to two. which led to an argument because i have a terrible problem – if i see that a woman doesnt like something, i will put my finger into that sore and i will push down on it.

some women dont like to be alone, some totally want to be alone, some women hate it when you point out hot ladies on the dancefloor. so lets say you dont like PDA, and im feeling nervous, i will make out with you just to see your reaction. lets say you love PDA, i probably wont touch you. when i was at the xbi they said that i would do this so that there would be a bullshit reason for women to reject me instead of a real reason like i was fat or fugly or drove a shitty car. but the xbi said the real reason i was being rejected was cuz i was being an asshole.

someone got called an asshole, someone else got driven home, and now someone is writing on his blog about iron man so that he can watch Lost, which everyone on Twitter is freaking out about.

what the xbi doesnt know and didnt know and obviously still doesnt know is even assholes get to go to heaven so i dont care if i get called that, i just dont wanna be called during my favorite tv show so the ringer is currently in the upright locked and fuck you position.

exclusive interview with the daisy princess days before her vegas wedding

ashley, the daisy princess, is getting married in vegas on sunday me: ashley youre getting married on saturday, is that true?

Ashley: true statement

me: how do you feel now that its just a few days away?

Ashley: excited, but a little nervous just in the way that i want everything to go well

me: what is the one thing youre most worried about at this point?

Ashley: hmm… people having a great time & things to look beautiful i guess!

me: how many daisies will be present?

Ashley: countless

me: who is your best maid?

Ashley: haha maid of honor! anne of course

me: what color dresses are your girls gonna wear?

Ashley: give you one guess

me: black, like your men?

Ashley: no one is wearing black!

me: who is in your princess court?

Ashley: haha where did you get these terms? besides anne, my bridesmaids are angie, clarice, and my sisters all in PINK duh

me: will you have a tiarra?

Ashley: no, flowers in my hair though

me: why no tiarra?

Ashley: i just felt it would be more me to have flowers. and i dont want to overpower my dress, b/c its a bit sparkley

me: sparkly shoes too?

Ashley: very fancy and HIGH L.A.M.B. heels for the ceremony, than cute flipflops for the reception which yes, do have sparkles

me: any other LAMB articles?

Ashley: nope, just the one. maybe L perfume though πŸ™‚

me: band or a dj?

Ashley: dj, with little interaction so they’re not all cheesy & they can’t play typical dj songs like “YMCA”

me: “Shout”?

Ashley: nope. none of those DJ songs, you know the ones

me: what sort of food?

Ashley: salad, pasta, some meat stuff i havent paid much attention to, and instead of a cake, cupcakes! and a bar with 3 jars of pink candy

me: i think i saw some of that in your bridal shower, no?

Ashley: hmm no, there were some tiny jars with candies inside. maybe thats what youre thinking of

me: what songs do you want the dj to play for sure

Ashley: there are too many to list honestly. we made the list before we even got engaged. think alternative, rock dance songs. beck, beastie boys, chemical bros, and of course NO DOUBT & GWEN. so many more. i cant possibly list them

me: which beasties?

Ashley: intergalactic. i listed that just now b/c i knew you would like that

me: tsar?

Ashley: haha no. hahahaha. you are persistent when it comes to them

me: remind the peopel why youre a vegetarian

Ashley: haha seriously? because when i was 12, i started getting grossed out by meat, so i stopped eating it. and the idea of eating it now makes me sick. and i like animals

me: what happened at 12? what did you eat?

Ashley: i had an undercooked burger

me: nice

Ashley: not really. i still remember how it tasted πŸ˜›

me: ok, so what wedding gift do you really wanna get?

Ashley: money

me: for what?

Ashley: so i can pay my mortgage next month with no problem

me: mortgage?

Ashley: yeah i live in a house now, where have you been?

me: i guess ive been out of the picture. when did you get a house?

Ashley: i guess your spies are slacking. we moved in almost 2 months ago

me: wow. congratulations

Ashley: thanks! thats why im cleaning so much. people are going to be over here for the first time this weekend

me: is it close to your work?

Ashley: a little bit closer. but i wouldnt want anything very close to my work b/c its in the ghetto

me: so money

Ashley: yeah having a house is so money. hahaha jk

me: so instead of the gift we discussed, would you prefer cash?

Ashley: no, personal gifts are really special. and i would feel really weird getting money from you

me: where are you going for your honeymoon?

Ashley: just taking a little honeymoon to disneyland. actually in july we should be going to mexico. so that will be sorta honeymoonie

me: sounds lovely

Ashley: definitely

me: where are you registered if people wanna give you a gift?

Ashley: well i doubt anyone who doesnt know me would do that! πŸ™‚ but target, pottery barn, and bed bath & beyond, target giftcards are made of awesome too

me: you have lots of fans on the busblog

Ashley: i dont think so! i see the lack of comments your stuff about me gets thats ok

me: theyre just shy. times have changed. people are tired saying right on tony or damn look at ashley

Ashley: i know, most people lurk

me: ok so if people wanna get you something at those places what do they do. i ask cuz ive never done anything like this before. just your full name?

Ashley: actually you can probably find me just by searching ASHLEY BEV in Nevada, or the wedding date, 5/10/08

me: does your new home have a hot tub?

Ashley: actually it has a jacuzzi tub in the master bath. but i havent used it b/c i dont like baths

me: will you soon be getting a dog?

Ashley: no, i love my cat, he is the best pet anyone could ever have, dogs are a little too much work anyway & barking is annoying, i like dogs though. my dad has 2. thats enuogh. i can visit them when i want

me: are you the last of your close friends to get hitched?

Ashley: no, im middle of the road, in my group of high school friends, there are 2 married, 2 not

me: one of the very first times i ever interviewed you on chat, in early 2001, i asked you how old you thought youd be when you would get married. do you remember what you answered?

Ashley: hmm. i bet i guessed 24 or 25

me: i think you said 25

Ashley: i was pretty close! i know you think im 25, but im actually 26

me: so what took you so long?

Ashley: well we were engaged when we were 25, so i wasnt too far off1

me: oh crap, you said 23,

Ashley: wow seriously??? that was only 4 years away at that point, geez what was i thinking? luckily i never did anything stupid like marry immature boys on the strip! πŸ˜‰

me: did you meet a bunch there?

Ashley: just one who i would’ve retardedly done that with

me: !

Ashley: i seriously THANK GOD i didnt. seriously

me: speaking of, how did you meet your betrothed?

Ashley: my best friend used to date his best friend. they sometimes brought her over to my house before she drove & i would say “oooh he’s cuuuute!”

me: which best friend?

Ashley: anne πŸ™‚

me: fascinating

Ashley: they are our maid of honor & best man. they are still great friends, so everyone is ok

me: ok well we all wish you the best. and know your wedding will be beautiful

Ashley: thank you kindly

me: any tips you have for wouldbe brides for wedding planning, now that youre almost done?

Ashley: give yourself a lot of time, spread it all out.find vendors who you feel comfortable with & who you know you can depend on. have fun! πŸ™‚ and stay organized and dont be alarmed by slumps of procrastination where you dont feel like dealing with any of it, they pass

me: perfecto. well have fun ashley and if Chip n Dale accosts you at disneyland thats just some busblog spies saying congrats

Ashley: does this conclude this tittilating interview?

me: yep, other than me saying i love you, i always will, and i only wish the best for you. you were so important in my life, and for this blog. and if your dude does anything wrong to you, i’ll break his neck.