with americans like these, who needs terrorists


her bio describes her thusly: Liz Trotta is the former New York bureau chief of The Washington Times and is a contributor for FOX News Channel.

Raw Story transcribed today’s example of Fox’s contributor at her finest, “and now we have what some are reading as a suggestion that somebody knock off Os–Osama–um, uh–Obama. Well, both, if we could…”

her joke speaks volumes, but its the choice of the word “we” that makes me extremely curious.

update: i should have looked at Digg first. its the #2 story of the day over there and the comments are on fire

second update: she has now, a day later, apologized

the Mars Phoenix is taking Twitter by storm

Now.. I still have some other milestones ahead. Solar panels will open in 15 minutes after the dust has settled here.
6 minutes ago from web

Cheers! Tears!! I’m here! 7 minutes ago from web

I’ve landed!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9 minutes ago from web

come on rocketssssss!!!!! 9 minutes ago from web

parachute is open!!!!! 12 minutes ago from web

parachute opening is scariest part for the team. 13 minutes ago from web

parachute must open next. my signal still getting to Earth which is AWESOME! 14 minutes ago from web

Peak heating will hit in 40 seconds. The heat and energy generated during atmospheric entry would be enough to power 280,000 homes 15 minutes ago from web

Atmospheric entry has started. time to get REALLY nervous. Now I’m in the “seven minutes of terror.” 16 minutes ago from web

follow her here or watch it on the Science channel (284 on Directv) or check out the JPL site

danielle in love

our blonde bff in sd is out of her blue period

I met someone.
I didnt want to write about it because I felt like if I did
I would somehow sabotage it.
I felt like if I were to write down how I never thought
I could feel this way again
it would dissipate before I would wake up the next day.
I felt like the second I would write the joy in love
that somehow I would have been wrong
and that it would all come down
crashing and burning.
But I must rid myself of this thinking to move forward.
His name is Chris and it is less about him or me and more
about us together I believe.
Chris inspires me to write him love notes and leave them
scattered throughout his apartment for him
to find randomly.
He inspires me to be content at this transitional time in my life.
In fact I cannot remember the last time I have been content.
I think about Chris all the time and I like it.
I save his messages and read them over again and smile.
I love to kiss him
and I love how many different kisses he gives me.
I love our long gazing looks that speak so deeply
without saying anything.
I love feeling his body next to mine even if it is only
a light brush up against my arm or the touch of our hands together.
I love watching him
and I like it when he watches me.

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