how is it 5:06pm

i had a wild weekend, in which i can tell you this much. i was at a party and Mickey Rourke was there. but because i was drinking and because i was enjoying the company of my company and because there were all these other cool people there i didnt even notice that The Wrestler and the first person to portray Henry Chinaski was in the hizzy.

theres this move in hollywood that i suppose i never picked up. that is when you dont look at the person youre with, you look over them or to the side of them as you make mental notes as to who all the other beautiful people are.

ive never understood that move. to me its like, if you dont like the person youre with then just excuse yrself, take a lap around the room and meet someone new.

anyways karisa and i drank and danced and even got to talk with bill maher after the talk show host was done talking with Chris from Kid n Play. even though karisa knew one of their dance moves, when i challenged her to tell me One song from their storied career she couldnt come up with anything.

sadly i couldnt either. guess we hate hip hop.

what else did i do this weekend? watched the cubs sweep the cleveland indians. thanks Kerry Wood! and welcome back, d lee!

i ran around my neighborhood. i cleaned up my closet. i recycled. and i read the entire sunday paper.

when i got back to the office this morning i saw Brand X superhero Alexandra all bundled up because the A/C was workin overtime down on the 2nd floor. twas crazy.

tonight wilco is playing at the wiltern and i might try to sneak into that. tomorrow im going to dinosaur jr. and wednesday ali told me that Spinerette is rocking the troub with Har Marr Superstarrrr opening.

quite a week in rock, lemme tellya.

this post is dedicated to a lovely canadian who has decided to stop blogging for a little while. although i can understand why people put their blogs on pause, i secretly hope that when they do such a thing they create a private blog and write down their thoughts hopes dreams and wishes on that new space. why? because i think theres a magic involved in writing.

and that magic can make dreams come true

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